Registration-only tickets are free

If you are not charging anything for your tickets, neither will we. All registration-only tickets are completely free, both for the event producer and anyone who registers.

The service fee

For each ticket sold, Forbidden Tickets charges a small service fee per ticket sold. This fee is 1.75% of the ticket price plus $0.75. (This is less than any other service fee we have found online.) The event producer gets to choose who pays this fee: the event producer or the ticker buyer.

The processing fee

Forbidden Tickets is working with several different credit card processors, each with different fee structures. Some charge more than others, but there is alway a credit card processing fee. For each ticket sold, Forbidden Tickets therefore adds a processing fee of 3.9% of the ticket price plus $0.60. We incorporate these fees into our total fees, and just like with the service fee, the event producer gets to choose who pays it.

Price comparison

Almost all ticketing services charge some kind of service fee.

  • Eventbrite’s cheapest model (“Essentials package”) charges 2% plus $0.79 per ticket.
  • BrownPaperTickets charges 5% plus $0.99.
  • Ticketmaster has so many fees it makes our heads spin.

(A 2018 report from the Government Accountability Office found that primary ticket providers charged, on average, 27% of a ticket’s price in fees.)

The following graph shows how Forbidden Tickets compares to Eventbrite and BrownPaperTickets. The fees per ticket are shown vertically, and the respective ticket fees for Forbidden Tickets (in red) and Eventbrite (in blue) and BrownPaperTickets (in green) are shown horizontally.

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