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Name ONLINE: Reality-Based Toilet Play
Producer Wicked Grounds
Time Saturday 3rd of June 2023, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (PDT)
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

ONLINE: Reality-Based Toilet Play

with Ayzad

Curious about commode play? You may think it gross, but it’s a very common fantasy surrounded by heaps of misinformation.


Reality-based toilet play - You may think it gross, but it’s a very common fantasy surrounded by heaps of misinformation. This presentation will examine the reasons behind the fascination for this kind of activity, the differences between fantasy and reality, and more easily manageable alternative forms of play. Then we are going to delve into the various ways people include bodily wastes into their BDSM repertoire and the actual medical risks of each one of them, to allow for really informed choices. The lesson will close with play and shopping tips.


Ayzad is a reformed journalist, a writer, and an alternative sexuality educator. He has been practicing kink for over 30 years now and Ayzad is the pseudonym under which in 2004 he wrote BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism, where he collected everything he had learned from his studies of a truly endless topic. That manual became a best seller, starting collaborations with sexologists and scholars who drew him to extend his research to every form of unusual sexuality.

The results include five other books so far (four of them currently available in Italian only, sorry!), a podcast, a radio show, two video series, countless lectures and teaching collaborations. Today, education to ethical kink is Ayzad's full-time job. Among his attempts to make the world a nicer place he also launched The Sexual Explorers Manifesto initiative, and he is a coach helping people solve their unusual sexuality issues. was born to collect and share his daily discoveries about the lesser known aspects of sex, to have fun together and – as it always happens with these things – to better know ourselves. It is apparently working, given that he was listed among the world’s best sex bloggers.


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