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Name ONLINE: Demystifying Asexuality
Producer Wicked Grounds
Time Wednesday 14th of December 2022, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm (PST)
Platform Zoom

ONLINE: Demystifying Asexuality

with Nyx Lunaea

Curious about asexuality? This class is for you!


What the heck even IS asexuality? Or aromanticism, for that matter? I’m glad you asked! We’ll go over the whole spectrum, its many shades of grey, and how it can exist in a kinky context!


Nyx Lunaea (they/them) is a non-binary, asexual, queer, disabled human who has been in the BDSM lifestyle since 2009, and has been in their current dynamic since 2011. They are a top, an extrovert, a lover of pointy things, tattoo collector, painter, gardener, RPG fiend, and are a part-time dog. Nyx gives many a heck about inclusivity, accessibility, and making the world a better place! They are enthusiastic about teaching others about the importance of consent, LGBTQIA+ info, the BDSM lifestyle, mental health, disability, and safer sex practices. They became passionate about consent education, in 2013, after becoming a research assistant for the Trauma Research Institute at their university. When not teaching, they love spending time with their husband and dog, gardening, baking, befriending neighborhood cats, and playing video games. They firmly believe that it is important to always be learning, and always be growing!


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This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you may need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

Zoom now provides closed captioning which will be available for this event.

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San Francisco, CA
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