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Name SF: Click Your Heels Presents: Lap Dancing 201
Producer Wicked Grounds
Time Tuesday 6th of December 2022, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm (PST)
Location Wicked Grounds Annex, San Francisco
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

SF: Click Your Heels Presents: Lap Dancing 201

with Alexandria

Level up your Lap Dancing moves in this intermediate class.


This class will be offered only at the Wicked Grounds Annex in San Francisco. No online tickets will be available.

Building on the material and principals of my Lap Dancing 101 class, we will continue to build your skill in making the most of your natural instincts, moving on the floor, in the lap, behind the chair, smooth transitions, and lots more.

We'll also learn some fun, simple options to spice up your lap dancing basics, such as hip rolls, hip shakes, simple turns, head rolls, and more. No dance experience required, these will all be simple moves. This is a slow and powerful style of lap dancing that doesn't require any serious dance moves and certainly no tricks.

If you've taken my Lap Dancing 101 class then you are ready! Or if you are a fairly confident dancer, you are welcome to join us without the 101 class (though I definitely still encourage it)!

This style of lap dancing can be adapted to any type of music you like. We will work a lot on musicality in this class.

In addition, lap dancing can be used to highlight into the feminine and/or masculine energy of the dancer, as well as the submission and/or dominance of the dancer in relation to the receiver.

No partner required: Individuals, couples, and more-somes all welcome. All Bodies, All Ages, All Genders welcomed!


Please choose 2 songs that you are interested in practicing lap dancing to. Please be able to name the song and the artist during class when it's time. You want songs that

  • have a very slow tempo
  • help you feel your body, help you tap into your physicality
  • Please check the full lyrics in advance! Avoid anything with common triggers such as racism, rape, murder, etc.
  • Remember that lap dancing is vulnerable and takes courage!
  • Use your common sense and be considerate of your classmates

Not everyone will get use both their picks during class but we do our best to get everyone at least one. You can also "pass" if preferred.


Please wear clothes that allow a lot of movement but keep your private areas well covered. Jeans are not recommended. Layers are encouraged! Consider what shoes you would most likely wear if you were to use these skills in your real life, and bring those. It's very helpful to practice in the same shoes you'll actually be wearing.


  • Water bottle
  • Layers
  • Your 2 songs (see above)


Alexandria (aka Peppermint Furiosa) is the founder of Click Your Heels Movement. She has been teaching dance and movement since 1998, including private lessons, small group studio classes, and large public classes of 100+. Her repertoire includes Pole for All Bodies, Ballet for Real Life, bellydance/middle eastern dance, floorwork, high heels dancing, lap dancing, Flexibility 4 Life, salsa, merengue, bachata, east coast swing, social waltz, feminine sensual movement, rhythm training, body confidence, non-verbal communication, and more. Her mantra is #whenindoubtslowdown and her rally cry is "All bodies, all genders, all ages: come home to your body". Her teaching emphasizes reclaiming your body and self-love, strength, flexibility, improvisation, and musicality.


$15 - $35 in advance. Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford.

We offer a sliding scale, so that cost is not a barrier to attendance.

The regular ticket is $25. This is what most people should pay.

The $15 ticket is offered for those for whom the $25 ticket would be a barrier to participation. If $25 is too much, we take your word for it! Just pay $15.

Have a great salary? Feeling generous? Paying at the $35 level allows us to make the discounted ticketing available to others who need it.

So - that's it! Choose the level you can comfortably afford.

Tickets will also be available at the door at a sliding scale of $20-$40.

Wicked Grounds VIP members get discounted/free tickets! Find out more at!


In SF, this class will be held in the Wicked Grounds Annex. Please note that stairs at the front door are the only means of ingress and egress to the space. Proof of COVID vaccination and masking are both required for all participants. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before the class start time for check in; late check-ins may require you to have vaccination and ticketing verified next door at Wicked Grounds Cafe & Boutique before entry.

Please do not attend in person if you have any respiratory symptoms whatsoever. Anyone displaying signs of respiratory symptoms may be asked to leave, regardless of vaccination status.

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