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Producer Wicked Grounds
Time Thursday 10th of March 2022, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm (PST)


An Online Path for Primal Hearts

Step into your power, feel your paws out, and let the wild side become a part of your everyday (and bedroom) magic!


Note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. No on-site tickets will be available.

Due to the nature of this event as an interactive group experience, there is a need for a MINIMUM attendance of 4 ticket holders. In the case of low attendance, single events may be cancelled and tickets refunded.

Now more than ever as we globally ride waves of pandemic stress and social isolation, we need new tools and techniques to connect with our most raw, most passionate, and most vulnerable human selves. Primal play manifests a world to dive into that deep, dark place, band let the monster out in a compassionate and consensual way. In this online class series we will learn together how to love, live with, and grow through our inner beasts for solo play, partnered scenes, and group environments. If you hunger to consciously play with what primal means to you, and also collectively decolonize how the term has been harmfully used in the past, you are invited to HOWL AWAY WITH ME as we courageously and communally practice thriving with an embodied primal heart.

Each monthly online topic will invite both curious creatures and experienced players alike into sensory exploration and self discovery through intentional dialogues, improvisational movement, somatic sounds, guided adventures, animal archetypes, and collaborative witnessing of visceral joy and transformation. Join us for one or all of the themes to custom-design your own primal path through: Embodiment, Empowerment, Evolution, Integration, Resilience, and Ecstasy.

Embodiment: animal expressions, physical grounding, exploring sounds and movements
Empowerment: power dynamics, permission with self and surroundings, encouraging play
Evolution: survival instincts, remembering primal delight, rediscovering your body
Integration: community and kinship, growth through trauma, primal in the “real” world
Resilience: processing the cycle of life, releasing grief, replenishing through primal strength
Ecstasy: arousal and celebration, sensual and sadistic exchange, sacred and wild magic

Follow @howlawaywithme on IG or @theprimalheart on Twitter/Fet for updates, primal writings, conversations with other educators, artists and activists, and special events!


Mx Davey Faye and Fox Acecaria Ironwood

Davey and Fox have been co-creating primal spaces such as PACK NIGHT and PRIMAL RESILIENCE with roots in San Francisco since before covid-times, and weave together their unique and shared experiences to foster safer-spaces for exploring primal expression, sensual play, ritual crafts, self defense strategies, erotic empowerment, and holistic health through consent education, immersive somatic events, and authentic commitment to ethical growth themselves. Davey (they/them) has been an event facilitator, presenter, collaborative demo bottom, performer, mentor and healer within rope, kink, and polyamorous communities for over a decade, with a passion for disability and dissociation awareness, conscious sacred ordeals, and dynamic bottom-skills education as well as nonbinary and switch empowerment, which they were grateful and humbled for the chance to reflect on in the recently published “Creating Captivating Classes: A Guide for Kink, Sexuality, and Relationship Presenters” by Shay & Stefanos Tiziano and other contributing authors. Fox (they/them) has been practicing and teaching martial arts as well as trauma-informed and ethically engaged anti-oppression advocacy for over three decades, and possesses a degree in Health Sciences & Policy specializing in anti-violence and social justice in the healthcare system, as well as an extensive background in physical recovery exercises, environmental and evolutionary studies, queer history and theory, and embodied self-discovery. Together, Fox and Davey are eager to continue to offer new online primal events, support other educators creating experiences globally, and working towards future projects including a book, innovative tools for at-home play and connection, and in-person primal retreats hosted around the world. Follow them or reach out for private trainings on IG, Twitter and Fetlife @mxdaveyx and @foxironwood and find out more about HOWL AWAY WITH ME and other offerings at


SPECIAL OFFER: $150 “The Primal Heart” Package includes:
tickets to all 6 classes (only one fee!) - (LIMIT 12)

Single Event Tickets: $15 - $35 in advance. Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford.

We offer a sliding scale, so that cost is not a barrier to attendance.

The regular ticket is $25. This is what most people should pay.

The $15 ticket is offered for those for whom the $25 ticket would be a barrier to participation. If $25 is too much, we take your word for it! Just pay $15.

Have a great salary? Feeling generous? Paying at the $35 level allows us to make the discounted ticketing available to others who need it.

So - that's it! Choose the level you can comfortably afford.

If cost is a barrier at any point on the sliding scale, please use the Volunteer List at the bottom of the listing to request a scholarship seat.


This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

Zoom now provides closed captioning which will be available for this event.


[PHOTO ID: background image is an obscured closeup of a masked human colorfully dressed with ornate black scales, iridescent beads, and brass wire horns with a crystal center, wild red curls and hints of green forest peaking out. Typed in white and yellow tones over black scratched-out sections:


An Online Path for Primal Hearts

Second Thursdays, 6-7:30pm PST/PDT starting January 2022

@howlawaywithme hosted by @wickedgrounds with @mxdaveyx and @foxironwood]

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