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Name SF: Sensually Seductive Service: A Half-Day Service Intensive
Producer Wicked Grounds
Time Sunday 19th of May 2024, 1:00 pm–5:15 pm (PDT)
Location Trellis, San Francisco, Trellis (Main Atrium), 981 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

SF: Sensually Seductive Service: A Half-Day Service Intensive

with Lady V

Join us for two workshops focusing on the art of integrating protocols, rituals, & service into your life & dynamics!


Join us for two workshops focusing on the art of integrating protocols, rituals, & service into your life & dynamics! These are all tools to build intentional & undistracted connection.... plus service is sexy.

Consists of:

Protocols & Rituals: Focusing Intentions in D/s

Protocols and rituals can be additional tools for focusing intention and energy for all types of dynamics. They are also great tools for staying engaged and connected in and out of scene.

How many times do we kiss our partner(s) mindlessly as we run out the door, our minds already on our next venture? Often in our busy lives, finding a moment to connect with our partner(s) can be difficult and can create emotional and spiritual distance. Protocols and rituals assist us to stop, focus our energy and be in the moment, whether alone or connecting to and appreciating our partner.

This class will help inspire your own unique protocols and rituals for current and future dynamics. This class is inclusive to all dynamics (especially the non-conventional rebels). Protocols and rituals can assist in strengthening connection within your own dynamics.

What's on Your Mind? The Difference between Reactive, Predictive & Proactive Service

Learn how to be a mind-reader! Sort of! Dive into ways we can better serve the needs of our partners. Service is a way for us to feel utilized & engaged within the dynamic without a whole big scene.

This class goes beyond preparing a morning cup of coffee (but we appreciate it), but also anticipating the laundry needs to be done and then doing it without being told. We’ll explore:

Differentiating the differences between the types of service
Exploring what style or combination works best for you & your dynamics
How these forms of service can be implemented in a realistic & adaptable way
Avoiding the pitfalls of non-committal service for tops & bottoms
& so much more!

This is all about how we can serve the needs or expectations of our partners by staying attentive to their daily needs, wants & desires. This is a one-size-fits-all guide to making service thrive within your dynamics.

Often the monotony & hecticness of everyday life can be distracting from focusing on the moments that matter the most with the people we care for. These workshops are great for unpartnered & partnered people. This educational intensive is accessible to both D-types, s-types, & everyone in between!

(There will be a break between each portion of the class.)


Lady V (she/her) is a spiritually & socioculturally driven sex-positive educator, community organizer & Professional Switchinatrix.

Using her background in film, Lady V is able to use the power of improv to switch on a dime.Prior, she served as the Program Manager for one of the few agencies in the world specializing in navigating sexuality & gender for people navigating intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Lady V has taught for conferences & sex positive venues across the US. She serves as an Advocacy Board Member for Sex Positive World & proudly helps facilitate their education as the Remote Education Coordinator. Lady V has also served the community by facilitating public health events.

She is an out, proud, & fierce-as-fire transwoman with a passion for empowering others. While hailing from Detroit, Michigan, she has settled in Salem, Oregon, with her Mistress in a 24/7 TPE where she serves as the majordomo for her leather family, the Atomic Army. Lady V considers herself both a lifestyle & professional switch. Any way the wind blows, it doesn’t really matter to her.

She hopes to inspire others to enjoy sex positivity from an authentic place, as well as embrace their spiritual place within sex positivity & find healing within it.

You can view more of her work at http://TheLadyV.Net or Fetlife at @‌The_Lady_V & perv more of her social media & body of work at:


Tickets: $60 - $90 in advance. Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford.

We offer a sliding scale, so that cost is not a barrier to attendance.

The regular ticket is $80. This is what most people should pay.

The $60 ticket is offered for those for whom the $80 ticket would be a barrier to participation. If $80 is too much, we take your word for it! Just pay $60.

Have a great salary? Feeling generous? Paying at the $90 level allows us to make the discounted ticketing available to others who need it.

So - that's it! Choose the level you can comfortably afford.

Wicked Grounds VIP members get discounted tickets! Find out more at!


In SF, this class will be held at Trellis. Please note that doors will close quickly so we recommend arriving 15 minutes before the class start time for check-in.

Please do not attend in person if you have any respiratory symptoms whatsoever. Anyone displaying signs of respiratory symptoms may be asked to leave, regardless of vaccination status.

This event is featuring:
Lady V
Unique classes for unconventional folx. Lady V is a spiritually & culturally driven Bootblack, Switchinatrix & Hucow.
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