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Name Ain’t Nothing But a Chicken Wing (Sadistic Rope Partials)
Producer Twisted Windows
Time Sunday 20th of August 2023, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (PDT)
Location Private venue, address sent after ticket purchase, Hayward
Category Education
This event is 21+ only.

Ain’t Nothing But a Chicken Wing (Sadistic Rope Partials)

Sadisitc Rope Partials are as fun as fulls with the T-Corns!


Legion of Sin MC is proud to present the T-Corns!

This is an intermediate level 201 class designed around partial rope suspensions where at least one part of the body remains load bearing and in contact with the ground. We will not be covering basic rope suspension instruction or safety in this class. Partials are often overlooked in the bondage scene but we think they can create some of the most interactive, mean, and playful scenes. Using some of our favorite simple ties, like the chicken wing, we will walk you through various different partial suspension set ups to turn up the “Ouch!” And make your bottom exclaim “Fuck you!” In which you can simply respond...” What? It ain’t nothing but a chicken wing!”


  • The location is a private venue in Hayward. Exact address sent upon ticket purchase.
  • Street parking is plentiful at the venue.
  • Water and Sodas will be available for donations
  • Please see our COVID guidelines here to determine whether attending is within your risk profile.
  • Doors open at 1:30pm, class from 2pm - 4pm. Please plan to arrive between 1:30pm and 2pm. No new entry will be permitted once class begins. Wrap-up and additional time for socializing 4pm - 4:30pm.

About the presenters:
Alex & Alicia T-Corn are from the North Bay and have been in the Bay Area leather, kink, and rope scene since 2015. They are a queer, leather, polyamorous couple that has been together in a power exchange relationship for over 12 years. Their family name, T-Corns which is the combination of a T-Rex and a unicorn, was given to them by their community due to their weird and fun-loving collection of personalities. You can find them assisting, hosting, and performing at many of the events in our North Bay Area. Their biggest goal is to share their outlook and style of play. They fully believe that this lifestyle should be fun, creative, and provide a constant opportunity for growth. They are always expanding their knowledge, passing that knowledge onto others, and making sure everyone has a great time along the way! They share a lot of love and passion for their community and spreading education that Leather, kink, and rope should be accessible for everyone!

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