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Name Towards Bodily Autonomy Book Launch
Producer The Tool Shed
Time Sunday 19th of March 2023, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm (CDT)
Location The Tool Shed, Milwaukee, 2427 N Murray Avenue
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Towards Bodily Autonomy Book Launch

Join anthology editor Justice Rivera (sex worker rights activist & harm reduction consultant) along with The Tool Shed's Shaan Lashun (queer organizer & sex worker rights activist) for an engaging talk about the new book, Towards Bodily Autonomy.


From erotic labor, to the rights of people who use psychoactive substances, to reproductive health, and carcerality-- we are living through a political moment when debates about bodily autonomy are at a fever pitch. Towards Bodily Autonomy: A Healing Justice Anthology Decolonizing Sex Work and Drug Use is a bold and timely collection that confronts these charged issues at the intersection of social justice and public health. It reveals the histories behind the United States’ ideological wars and illustrates their costs to all of us. It is a primer on healing-centered harm reduction which presents a visionary framework and set of practical strategies to advance unity and care while working to transform conditions for communities that bear the brunt of interpersonal and systemic violence, overdose deaths, and health inequities.

Sex worker rights and harm reduction consultant Justice Rivera (she/they) is the editor of Towards Bodily Autonomy. Justice’s professional and artistic work is grounded in principles of harm reduction, anti-oppression, and healing justice. Her expressions seek to deconstruct carceral and punishment driven paradigms to race, gender, and bodily autonomy. She'll join Tool Shed's own Shaan Lashun -- local queer organizer and sex worker rights activist -- for a talk on the anthology, process, and her journey as a writer.

Shaan Lashun (he/they) is a contributor to Principles of Healing-Centered Harm Reduction and Overview of Harm Reduction in the Sex Trade. In addition to his role at Tool Shed as a kink/sexuality educator, Shaan is co-founder of Molly House Project, a space for men, transmasc, and masculine of center sex workers. His experience in sex worker rights organizing and trans wellness has included work with organizations and conferences nationwide, such as the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, NYC Department of Health, the Harm Reduction Conference, and Grindr.

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