The Owls Nest


Overturning of Roe vs. Wade instilled many fears of what this means for many of our rights to access birth control and gender-affirming health care, to marry who we love, and to vote. The devastation of this decision and how it will impact so many of our fundamental rights cannot be ignored. To that end, we want to do our fair share to help and bring forward a fundraising opportunity which will benefit Center for Reproductive Rights (

We are hosting a virtual education marathon on Sunday, August 28 9:00 AM EST to 9:00 PM EST. There will be a variety of kink, fetish and lifestyle classes throughout the day – attend as many as you like. All donations collected through class registration and GoFundMe ( go directly to The Center for Reproductive Rights. We recommend a donation of $20/per class you are attending, though any amount you can contribute helps tremendously.

If you can’t attend classes, you can still help with a donation of any amount! Since The Center for Reproductive Rights is a charity, check with your place of employment to see if they will match your donation.

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