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Name Philly Pet Play Party
Producer Sunshine Kink productions
Time Friday 27th of January 2023, 9:00 pm–1:00 am (EST)
Location The Cube, Philadephia, Wissahickon & Roberts Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Category Party
This event is 18+ only.

Philly Pet Play Party

a kinky time to let your animal side out

Sunshine Kink Events presents a Philly based pet play party and mosh for new and experienced pet players alike. All genders and pets welcome to come and join. This will be a sober and non-sexual event.


The first Philly Pet Play Party will be from 9-1 on a Friday January 27th. Please stay fully SFW dressed until you enter the cube as it is housed in a building that has children programs and has many cameras. After you enter and sign in everyone will choose their color wristband. Red is please do not touch me or play with me, yellow is ask, and green is you may play with and hug me.

The first hour will be more social and get to know you, working to match up experienced players with new players to help each other explore. It is important to note that pet play parties act differently than other kink events. It is expected at pet play events that you will play with everyone and your scene is not separate from everyone else's. If you are passing a ball between yourself and another pup a third may enter and that is expected. Pups will often wrestle with other pups without a word of negotiation, just EXPLICIT non-verbal consent. We will have a zone for solo/ partner play but in the other two if you enter you are consenting to interacting with everyone else. This does not excuse sexual behavior or harming others. You must get at least non-verbal consent if not verbal consent for general play. If someone is not interested in playing with you, leave them alone.

There will be an area with lots of snacks and people can feel free to bring their own snacks. Next to this will be an area to sit and eat and relax outside of headspace. This will also be the hangout zone.

There will be 3 play zones and one chill zone. Each of the play zones will have a minimum of 1 DM on duty at all times. They will be wearing a vest or other demarcation to show who they are. The DMs will verbally call out anyone breaking rules and may kick anyone out they see fit. As well they will be sanitizing the mats at least once an hour and whenever all pups leave the mats. We will also have one roaming DM to move from space to space and help out, in addition to making sure play stays in the designated areas.

Zone one is the solo/ partner play area. Up to 3-4 pairs may share the mat but it is expected that you are only playing with the person you came with and do not want to play with others. Mat two is general play. There will be a toy library that people can take toys out of and return. Roughhousing is discouraged here but fetch, belly rubs, tug of war, and other play is allowed. The third mat is the roughhousing mat. Pets may wrestle and roughhouse on this mat to their hearts content as long as they do not hurt anyone and do not get bodily fluids on the mats. There will also be a saint Andrews cross and a spanking bench for play.

general Rules

  • Consent is mandatory
  • Consent is always mandatory
  • We use the red light system
  • Red means complete stop
  • Yellow means stop what you are doing but can still play
  • Green means keep going
  • No exposed genitals (chests may be out)
  • Please keep scents to a minimum. no musky huskies or strong perfume
  • No body fluids on the mats
  • Mats must be cleaned every hour
  • No messy snacks on mats (nothing that is wet or crummy)
  • You must listen to the DM
  • No shoes on the mats
  • if someone starts to bleed all play must stop, all player must leave the mats. No one may return to the mat until it is sanitizes and all wounds are taken care of.
  • No spiky or hard things on the mats
  • No sex
  • No genital play
  • No phones in public areas and no photos please
  • Have fun

Mat one rules

  • you may not try to join in on someone else's scene or talk to them during there scene
  • no more then 8 people on the matts total
  • please do not use the mat for more then 30 min if people are waiting for it
  • please clean the mats after you are done
  • please be mindful of the amount of space you are using and respect the others on the mat.
  • please return any borrowed toys you used and clean them

Mat two rules

  • Please note that this mat is for general play. by entering this mat you are consenting to people interacting and playing with you. this may entail throwing balls for you, playing with toys, or talking to you
  • please ask the pet or handler before petting, touching, or maying any form if physical contact
  • please respect if a pet or handler does not want to play with you
  • no wrestling or rough housing. If a DM deems the play too rough they may ask you to break it up
    -please be mindful of the space and share the mats with everyone

Mat three

  • please note this mat is for rough housing. by entering this mat you are consenting to wrestling and roughhousing. someone may roll or bump into you by ascendant
  • please get consent (verbal or non) before you wrestle or roughhouse with others
  • when there are more then 3 people on the mat please stay on your knees or lower to prevent hard falls
  • no punching, biting, hard scratching, or hitting without verbal prier consent and letting the DM know about this consent. The DM holds the right to say no if the mat is too full or if they deem it unsafe.
  • no throws, suplexes, or other wrestling from standing unless the mats are completely empty, you previously negotiated, and the DM approved
    -if someone starts to bleed all play must stop, all player must leave the mats. No one may return to the mat until it is sanitizes and all wounds are taken care of.
  • please check in with whoever you are playing with often

Kink Furniture rules

  • only one person can be on the furniture at a time
  • please be mindful of your space
  • of using a flogger or other long impact toy make sure to be aware of who and what is around you
  • please do not hog the furniture, only use it for up to 20 minutes of people are waiting

Volunteers needed
Come help out, get to spend more time in the space, and make friends
Making an event happen is a community effort and we would love to have your help
We need people for

  • Check-in
  • Set up space
  • Break down space
  • Elevator monitor
  • watch the door
  • Mosh Monitors
  • and more

If you want to help out but can't give your time we are also accepting donations
We need

  • Cleaning wipes
  • Plates
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Decorations
  • Lights
  • Speakers
  • Snacks
  • Lots of water bottles
  • Wet wipes
  • toys to share
  • Large bins to store everything
  • And more
    If you are interested in donating or volunteering please reach out below
Volunteer List
Sign up here to be added to the volunteer list for the event. Your request will be forwarded to the event producer. If needed, you will be contacted.
This event is hosted/produced by:
Sunshine Kink productions
Philadephia PA
Bringing light and fun to the philly kink community
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