Sunny Leigh Mayne

Sunny Leigh Mayne (she/her) is a kink educator and active member of the BDSM community. Her interests include erotic hypnosis, dollification, sensual BDSM, age play, and primal play. Her classes are often co-presented with her mate, VDMAC. She is also writer of romance and erotica specializing in dark romance and fetish/BDSM stories. Identifying as a pansexual Dominant, Sunny enjoys creating content and writing stories that are inclusive of diverse sexual orientations, kinks, and gender identities. Recently she has been venturing into the world of kink education podcasting, including hosting her own podcast, Naughty Talk with Sunny Leigh Mayne. Her new website is live, with information about all of her content and current events!

Naughty Talk with Sunny Leigh Mayne is a free and inclusive kink education podcast streaming now on most popular podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher)! Click here to listen on SoundCloud:

About the novels: Congratulations, you have been matched! Will you leave your life behind to pursue your darkest desires? Are you willing to give over control completely to your new Master in exchange for total immersion in your most taboo fantasies? Only the brave will venture forward. The Turn the Key series, is a dark erotica series with a twist! Each novel in the series can be read as a standalone and features a new cast of characters with completely new kinks! Each book has a theme of magic and a thriller component. All books in this series are queer inclusive. Find them for free on Kindle Unlimited! Find the books here:

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