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Name Consent Is Sexy with Stella VonDomme: What To Expect @ Munches and Dungeons
Producer Stella VonDomme
Time Sunday 29th of October 2023, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm (PDT)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Consent Is Sexy with Stella VonDomme: What To Expect @ Munches and Dungeons

Let's build some confidence and get you out in the fray!

In this installment of Consent is Sexy with Stella, our focus topic will be on how to navigate the world of the sex positive and kink community OUTSIDE of your screen by learning about common etiquette and protocol at events and group meetups.


This is an ongoing, buildable course that reviews the basics each class, but adds a new focus topic monthly. We focus on not only the ground level kink/BDSM information, but also discuss communication techniques and the basic definition and imperative nature of consent in our community.

October Focus Topic: What To Expect @ Munches and Dungeons
So you have been exploring, reading, following KinkTok, YouTube creators, got heated up over a couple porn genres, and have been eyeing up your first toy purchase. Next step: meeting people and seeing all the magnificence in real life! Most areas have regular munches, group meetings, and parties for you to get involved in. But what does all of that even MEAN?

This month we will talk about events that are common to not only kinksters, but also special interest groups, LGBTQIA+, swingers, and other fringe groups that are kink adjacent. We will go over common protocol to expect, event etiquette, how to maintain consent and discretion, expectations for attendance, and exactly what you are consenting to when just by walking through the door. So bring your questions and get some answers so you can confidently RSVP as GOING to that next event!

This class is great for newcomers to the community as well as those who have maybe been around for a while and need a refresher, someone who has had a steady partner for years and needs help navigating the outside community again, and even (especially) those who may have had run ins in the past and want to learn how to kink safely.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Stella VonDomme
Vancouver, Washington
Mistress Stella VonDomme (she/her) is a Momma Bear Domme, chaotic sadist, educator, and enthusiast of the BDSM lifestyle
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