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Name Electro Bondage — Volt Hub
Producer Spark-Luscious Events
Time Monday 25th of September 2023, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm (PDT)
Location Private Venue, Campbell
Category Social
This event is 18+ only.

Electro Bondage — Volt Hub

Zap, you are in!

Monthly Electric Play Hangout


Bondage could be shockingly fun!

Spark up your Thursday evening at our electrifying hangout! Come connect, play, and experiment with your fellow electro-enthusiasts ⚡

We'll kick off the event with an overview of essential negotiation and safety practices in electric play. Followed by a skillshare session: Electro Bondage! Bring along your conductive rope/tape, and favorite toys to show off or get inspired by others as we explore new ways to zap and electrify!

Thank you @Carmen_Pandiego for hosting this event.

Event Details

Event: Electro Bondage — Volt Hub
Date: 25 Sep 2023 (Monday)
Time: 7 pm - 9 pm
Location: Campbell (You will receive the address in your confirmation email)
Host: @Carmen_PanDiego

What should you bring?

Bring yourself and your electrifying toys, tense unit, and anything else that will enhance your electric experience. Don't forget to pack some aftercare items like stuffies, blankets, and indulgent chocolates!

If you're new and curious about electric play, fear not! @Carmen_Pandiego will be there to introduce her collection of equipment and homemade conductive toys, guiding you into this exciting realm.

We will also provide cleaning wipes, yoga mat, water, and snacks.

About the Host

@Carmen_PanDiego hosts Wicked Grounds’ monthly event, SparkLab - a once monthly electro learning and labbing event that is great for people at all levels of electro play. On top of leading the SparkLab, she serves the community by being the board president of the Bay Area Kink Access and Inclusion Initiative (Bay Area K.A.I.I., for short), co-hosting Cheers to Queers, an LGBTQ+ wet munch, and recently became the Program Director for Society of Janus.

House Rules

  1. Consent: Always seek consent before touching others or their belongings. Respect personal boundaries and remember to ask for permission.

  2. Respect: It's likely that we all learned and play in different ways. Refrain from unsolicited criticism and offer feedback only when asked.

  3. Inclusivity: All gender, sexuality, race and skill levels are welcome.

  4. No Pressure Participation: Participation in skill-sharing sessions or electric play in the Electric Play Lab is entirely voluntary. No one should feel pressured to engage beyond their comfort level.

  5. Discreet: The exact address will be shared exclusively through the confirmation email. Please do not share the address with anyone else.

  6. Safety: Alcoholic drinks, cannabis and other recreational substances are not allowed. Please be responsible and only participle when you are sober.

  7. Cleanliness: Be considerate and clean up after yourself. Sanitize toys and equipment before and after use.

  8. No Penetrative or Sexual Play: Penetrative and sexual play is not allowed.

  9. Dress Code: Nudity is acceptable for all genders within the playroom. However, when leaving the room, please wear gym-appropriate clothing, as others may be using the venue.

  10. No shoes on mats.

Covid Stuff

  1. Vaccinated is a must.

  2. Mask is recommended, but not required.

  3. There will be disinfecting wipes / spray and paper towels, and hand sanitizer.

When in doubt, DM @Nocturnal_Events

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