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Name Fêtes de Flower — Nocturnal Play Party
Producer Spark-Luscious Events
Time Friday 14th of April 2023, 8:00 pm–Saturday 15th of April 2023, 12:30 pm (PDT)
Location Private Venue, San Jose
Category Party
This event is 18+ only.

Fêtes de Flower — Nocturnal Play Party

A kinky night out
Sold Out!

A kink party in San Jose Made by Mooooo LLC.


“If you were a flower, what flower would you be?”

Spring is coming, and flowers shouldn’t be the only thing that’s blossoming! Join us at Nocturnal Play Party and let your authentic kinky self bloom 🌼🌸✨ Watch out for those stringy whi… oh I meant stringy bees! 🐝👀

Check out our guideline to learn more details about this event!

Date: 14th April 2023 (Friday)
Time: 8:00pm - 12:30am
Location: Downtown San Jose
You will receive the address the day before the event via email

Dress Code: Floral… or de-Floral, if you know what I meant ;) OR just be your kinky self!

Dress Code is not mandatory


Before 13th April:
Sliding scale of $50 - $80

13th - 14th April:
Sliding scale of $80 - $100

Registration close at noon on 14th April

  • Why do we have a sliding scale for our tickets?
    While we want to make sure our ticket is affordable to the general public, we wish to cover our expenses as well as be able to expand & host different types of kink events.

Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford. Your support is appreciated and will help us keep running events! 🙌🏻


Please register with your Fetlife handle. We will check you in with your (or your +1's) Fetlife handle(s) or the confirmation e-mail ✨

If this is one of your first kink parties, you MUST attend to our social circle at 8:30pm for Introduction to Negotiation & Kink Etiquette We will also have ice-breaker games as well as loaner toys for you to try & explore!

Dress code

Floral… or de-Floral, if you know what I meant ;)

OR just your authentic kinky self 💕

The venue is located in Downtown San Jose, please dress appropriately - street-legal clothing in public areas. You may revive your true kinky self once you are inside the venue.

We will have signs to indicate "Fetish wear behind these doors ONLY."


8:00pm: Door opens
8:30pm: Introduction to Negotiation & Kink Etiquette
(Mandatory to newcomers)
10:00pm: Door closes
12:30am: Wind down
1:00am: Party ends

Introduction to Negotiation & Kink Etiquette (Mandatory to newcomers) at 8:30pm. We will have ice-breaker games, as well as loaner toys for you to try & explore!

The Venue

  • Play Space
    An open play space to fit all of your passionate & kinky scenes! Part of the space is designated for Shibari/rope bondage scenes. We will have numerous hard points as well as a velvet mat for floor work.

  • Social Area
    Want to catch up with your friends while enjoying some snacks? This is where you should hang out 💬

  • Cuddle Puddle
    A room dedicated to cuddles, huggles, and aftercare 🧸

What should I bring?

Your kinky self and your toy/rope bag 💜 Remember to pack for you/your bottom's aftercare needs. Bring your stuffies/blankie to make yourself comfy! We will have snacks, drinks, and space to cuddle.

General Rules

Any violation of the rules might result in a hard ban from our future events. We might also share the incident report with other kink groups, especially in case of severe consent violations.

DM & Hosts (on duty) will be wearing a bright neon green harnesses.

  1. Consent matters.

Ask for explicit consent before engaging in any activities with others. Always ask before touching, that goes for people and their belongings. When in doubt, always ask first.

Only an enthusiastic YES is a yes. If the other person seems hesitant or doubtful, please take that as a “No.” and don’t ask again. You may offer future opportunities for them to reach out to you if they do change their mind. The key is: Let them come to you after the initial "No"

It is also important to clearly communicate the potential risk of the play to the best of your ability.

  1. Inclusivity is vital.

There is zero tolerance for hate speech. Help create a safe space for everyone, regardless of their role, gender, ethnicity, orientation, religion, experience, or skill level.

  1. Respect others’ scenes & space.

When you are in the Play Space or Aftercare room, wear a glow stick on your wrist if you are open for conversation. Meanwhile, only initiate conversations with those who are wearing a glow stick. Details on our Glow Stick System

Do not interrupt the scene and aftercare. If you have something important to ask or need to notify someone who's in the scene, always approach the Top first with a quiet voice and polite manner.

Try to be at least 4 feet away if you want to observe. Hold the space for others to enjoy themselves, while they are doing the same for you!

If you see something that you suspect is unsafe, please go to a DM or a Host.

  1. Protect the venue.

Please respect the venue, and do not vandalize or go to closed-off areas.

Do not share details or the location of the venue with non-attendees. If someone approaches you and asks for the address, point them to @Nocturnal_Event.

  1. Dress vanilla outside of the event area.

Be discreet. There’s a ballet studio next door and vanilla people in the street. If you wish to step outside, please at least wear a big coat over your kink wear.

We have a changing and storage room for you to transform into your kinky authentic self ✨

  1. No photos. Phones are NOT allowed in the Play Space and Cuddle Puddle area.

  2. Play responsibly

Alcoholic drinks, cannabis, and other recreational substances are not allowed. Please be responsible and only participate when you are sober.

  1. No breath play. No golden shower/scat play. No sharp/blood play. No knife play. No fire play.

  2. No penetrative/oral sex.

Penetrative & oral sex is not allowed for any gender/orientation (including fingering). Please limit your sexual/sensual play on genitals to foreplay only: touching, tying, vibrating, rubbing, slapping, etc. Always put down a waterproof pad under your play area if you are planning to be fully naked.

  1. No smoking/vaping

  2. No Glitter.

  3. The DMs & Hosts are here to help, but not here to parent you.

If someone is making you uncomfortable, go to the DMs, or ask your friend to accompany you to do so. We are here to help.

While we try our best to create a safe space, we can not police everything. Please use your own judgment when vouching play partners, ask around for references, ask a lot of questions, and trust your gut if anything feels off.

Apply critical thinking. Plan for a “buddy system”. Negotiate before the party instead of doing pick-up play.

  1. If you see something, say something (to the DMs/Hosts)

We need your help to create a safe space for everyone. If you notice something that doesn't seem quite right, speak up. Or please tell our DMs or the Hosts.

In case of unfortunate events or incident reports, please DM talk to us on Fetlife @Nocturnal_Events or e-mail

  1. If you’re unsure if it’s permitted and the rules don’t mention it, ask a DM/host.

We can’t cover every possible kink and situation. If there’s any gray area, please ask us for permission before doing it, as you would do for negotiating with a new play partner.

See our more detailed guidelines to plan your scenes.

Covid & Health Policy

  1. Mask is recommended, especially in the social area, but not required.

  2. Please take a home test (antigen rapid test) on the day of the party. During check-in, you will have to show a photo of your test result, with the date, time & your preferred name written on/near the test card.

  3. If you feel sick, stay home.

When in doubt, email

Produced by Made by Mooooo LLC.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Spark-Luscious Events
Your friendly South Bay (and sometimes all over the Bay) event producer.
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