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Name Fire Massage Series II
Producer Southern New Jersey Education Collective
Time Sunday 23rd of July 2023, 12:00 pm–8:00 pm (EDT)
Location SNJEC Teaching Center, Sicklerville, NJ, To be given upon ticket purchase
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Fire Massage Series II

Everything you need to know about Fire

Three part class on fire play and how to do it safely


Course Outline:
Fire Massage 101: Fundamentals (information based lecture)

Fire Theory
Proper Setup
Fire Kit
Basic Application Techniques
Theoretical Safety Awareness
Class Participation/Practice Time
Proper Clean up
This class focuses solely on the science of fire and how to set up your equipment properly. This is a lecture-based class that delves into safety and risk mitigation. Demonstrations will be done throughout the class. At the end, Participants will have the opportunity to experience what fire on the skin feels like or to use a torch for the first time.

Fire Massage 201: Practice Makes Perfect (Hands on practice)

Practical Safety Awareness
Life Cycle of a Torch/Burn Stages
9 application Techniques
Proper Form Theory
Class Participation/Practice Time
This class is a mix of lecture and hands on. Participants will be taught how safety applies to fire in a practical sense. We delve into the basics of form theory, application techniques, extinguishment theory, and burn cycles. The first half of the class will be lecture/demonstration and the second portion will be hands on practice.

Fire Massage 301: Therapeutic Flame/Sensual Flame (Advanced Techniques and Applying information)

Fire Play/Massage Theory
Utilizing Specialized Torches
Combining Application Techniques
Class Participation/Practice Time
This class is a mixture of lecture and hands on. It begins with a Fire Massage demonstration, which turns into lecture, and ends with hands on practice from participants. This is where everything is tied together to make an efficient scene. Topics include: technique planning, torch management, and numerical feedback.

For anyone interested in purchasing products, there will be torches for sale from our limited back stock. All orders placed on the day of the class are subject to availability. We can of course make your custom order and ship it to you or arrange for pickup when it's finished. (90 day standard wait period for custom orders).

Number of attendees are limited. RSVPing on the event does not guarantee approved attendance. Tickets will need to be purchased prior to the event. Address will be provided once tickets are purchased.

Food and beverages will be provided for all attendees throughout the day. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please include them when you fill out your ticket information.

Proof of vaccination is required! Please bring proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated people may attend. If proof of vaccination is not provided on the day of the class attendees will be required to wear a mask.

Refunds available up until the start of the event.

Echo's Fire

Echos Fire LLC is the leader in quality hand made fire play torches. Echo has been involved in the art of fire since 2008 and has traveled all across the United States and up into Canada teaching fire manipulation and safety at all levels. His innovative torch designs are indicative of his skill and dedication as they are clearly made with efficiency, safety and ease of use in mind.

His style of Fire Manipulation is designed for the kinkster and vanilla alike, coined under the moniker Fire Massage. He is constantly researching, testing, modifying and adding new and exciting techniques to keep every single experience dynamic and fresh.

Echo's Fire will mesmerize and entice you to join in the flames.

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