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Name Mastering the Neurodivergent Master w/ Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake
Producer SADE
Time Sunday 25th of February 2024, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (CST)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Mastering the Neurodivergent Master w/ Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake

Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake explore the challenges of creating a power exchange dynamic with neurodivergent individuals.


Neurotypical expectations and social norms are rampant in basic power exchange education. It is often one of the many reasons why folks with neurodivergent minds doubt the path they find themselves on. This is particularly challenging when one is shifting from a kink life, where playspaces dictate rules, to a 24/7 power exchange dynamic where YOU are the one making the rules. Where does one start? How does one communicate to a potential slave how your mind works?
In this hour we will discuss:

  • My challenges as a Master with ADHD
  • How to communicate our challenges to those we are in charge of
  • How to serve and support your ND Master
  • Join us as we explore alternative options for contracts, expectations, rules and pathways towards finding a unique dynamic structure that will set up both the Master and slave for success.

Presenter Bio:
Master Retro Bella (She/Her) and her slave boydrake (he/him) are the 2023 Southwest Master/slave couple. As a Latina, Master, and Leather Woman, Master Retro Bella embodies strength, grace, and passion. slave boydrake is a queer Transman slave who compliments Master Retro Bella perfectly with his unwavering devotion and commitment. Together, they display the beauty of embracing diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives and have been dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of neurodivergent pairings, Latinx representation and Transgender visibility within the community.
Both Master Retro Bella and slave boydrake have shared their expertise through teaching engagements virtually and in person across the East Coast, West Coast, internationally, and at both South Plains Leather Fest and MsC online, creating shared learning experiences for both the presenter and audience member. It is within those shared and sacred spaces they both feel empowered and motivated to create and pour back into their respective communities.

Class skill level: All
Class format: Lecture with audio/video presentation, and in person through a watch party in Austin, TX (presenter will not be present at the watch party).
Participant Materials: None
Closed Captioning and/or language translation services are available via Zoom.

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This event is hosted/produced by:
Virtual & Dynamic Education.
This event is featuring:
Retro Bella
Bakersfield, CA
Latina high Femme Leather Woman and Educator in the Valley.
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