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Name Rope and Pizza Party September 24th
Producer Rope Nexus
Time Saturday 24th of September 2022, 12:00 pm–Sunday 25th of September 2022, 2:00 am (EDT)
Location Freedom House, Irwin, Ohio

Rope and Pizza Party September 24th

The coolest rope peeps are gathering for uncon classes, pizza, late night play, and those delectable buckeye balls.


Ever get that urge to tuck up in a comfy space with dozens of great rope people?

Will you be feeling that craving at noon on Saturday September 24th?

Join the cool kids for rope and pizza at the Freedom House south of Marysville.

The afternoon con is aimed at rope tops and bottoms of all experience levels.

After the con we'll have pizza.

Then at 8:00 you'll enjoy a play party that goes until 2:00am.

Your early bird $40 ticket gets you everything.

You get the afternoon con, the pizza party dinner, and the play party.

Early bird tickets go away September 16th. If there are still tickets left after September 16th then the price jumps to $55.

Tell us about your favorite pizza, your secret desire for salad instead, your gluten free fetish, or your addiction to those glorious buckeye pretzel balls.

Just want to come for the party at 8:00? In that case your ticket is $25. (No pizza for you.)

Check fet for updates and the official RSVPs of other kinksters who will be there.

Here's a link to the event's COVID and consent policy.

NOTE: Previous Rope Nexus events at the Freedom House have sold out. Ticket sales will stop after just 57 tickets have been sold.

Your "ticket fee" is included in the $40. (You will not be asked to pay an extra amount for your online ticket. We pay the fees.)

Ticket sales will end Wednesday, September 21st at 5:00 New York time or when all 57 tickets are sold.

Some Great Questions...

Wanting to spend the night? Nearby Marysville has a few inexpensive hotel chains.

Want salad instead of pizza? You are not alone. Let us know where it says "What do you want on your pizza?" when you purchase your ticket.

Can I choose my favorite pizza? Pep and mush? Veggie? GF? DGAF? Let us know and we'll make it happen.

Is it a really good event for rope beginners? This uncon is a wonderland for all experience levels. There will be some amazing rope artists from Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and of course Ohio. Past Rope Nexus events have welcomed rope newbies - who were thrilled.

Does the play party cater to all kinks? You can bet there will be more than just rope at this party!

Does the Penny Puncture Rule apply? Well, we are not in Franklin county. :)

Can I pay cash? While the ticketing system makes our lives easier for vetting the attendees, if you need to pay in cash then message us and we'll get you on the list.

What should I bring? The venue boasts of its hundred year old hardwood floor and super high ceiling with six hard points suitable for circus stunts. Monkey bars, spanking bench, a mat, and excellent lighting and sound are already there. You might want to bring yoga mats, your favorite beverage (we'll have bottled water), snacks, rope, aftercare blanket, possibly a change of clothes for the party, rope, high heels, rope, other play toys, rope, and your zest for adventure. Some rope would be good too.

Where is the Freedom House? The address for parking will be in your ticket confirmation email.

Got a hot question? Send a message to BondageNexus or RopeSiren on fet. We'll get back to you pronto.

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