Primal Origins DFW

DFW, Texas

Primal Origins is a local group for anyone looking to explore Primal Predator & Prey tendencies, energy and physical manifestations into BDSM play and scenes of all types. This group is for all who are Primal and looking to mesh other pieces of themselves regardless of if they are Dom, sub, Sadist, masochist, Hedonist, etc. Most everyone has Primal at their core and our goal is to help you tap it, cultivate it and enjoy it sanely and safely for you and your partner(s). This should not have to be said but we are LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Disabled friendly!! Anyone wishing to spend time with us will be welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religion etc. We also will not exclude, discriminate or judge due to local dungeon preference or affiliation.

Primal Origins is not focused on any one type of Animal-primal, Human-primal, Pack, Hunter/Predator, prey, furry, Alpha, Beta or omega...all the Beasties are welcome. If you do not know where you fit in then we will take great joy in guiding you through it safely with a whole lot of fun and acceptance during the process.

We will also be focusing on the basic understanding and skill sets for all kinksters and not just Primal. Any type or skill level of kinkster will be welcome and able to find a home with us. We value diversity in all shapes and forms.

We will be having Educational Events (Rough Body Play, Grappling, etc - Safety First kiddos), Presenters, Munches, Non Kink local activities, Kinky Camping Trips with Hunts when weather/time permits, Self Defense Classes as well as Roundtable discussions on various topics such as theory, negotiations, dynamics & roles, control, Predator and prey animal behavior annnnd of course Parties! The majority of these events will be held as Private Venue Events, various activities within the Metroplex and privately rented dungeon time at accommodating, local dungeons.

Please join and check our Group page for reference libraries, Discord info, Event info, and more. This profile has been made as a Central hub of communication and event listings for our Members.

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