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Name PK Presents: Self Care in The Scene
Producer Pragmatically Kinking
Time Wednesday 19th of April 2023, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm (MDT)
Platform Zoom

PK Presents: Self Care in The Scene

Self Care in the Scene by lily

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PK Presents: Self Care in The Scene by lily
Whether you are a Dominant or submissive or anything in between, there is one thing that we all have in common: self care needs! So you’ve learned to flog, you’ve learned the art of emotional masochism, you can recite your D/s handbook front to back from memory. But all this fun has you really stressed out! In a world where pain, suffering, and service are love languages, how do we take time for ourselves? Kinky play can have us focusing so much on our partner’s well-being, when do we take time to care for “us”?

This two hour class will help walk you through what self care is, why it’s important, and even show you how you can make it a fun part of your dynamic. We will navigate concepts to help you enter your scenes ready and refreshed for a world of pleasure and pain, ready to take on the most diligent Doms or the bravest of brats with a clear mind and ready body.

Presenter Bio
With over twelve years in the lifestyle, lily (@lilybeast she/her) is a submissive, masochistic brat in a 24/7 High Protocol primal M/s dynamic. As a service-oriented individual, lily focuses on culinary and companion service as well as household management, using skills gained from nearly two decades in customer service and hospitality.

An active and engaged member of the Southern California kinky community, lily is a staff member of the SoCalKink Discord, an admin in a twenty thousand strong brat group on Facebook, and assists in running a High Protocol monthly book club, where she facilitates discussion and promotes learning about service and High Protocol.

Outside of kink, lily goes to therapy, loves cooking, and tries to take time to read in the tub with a glass of wine whenever she can.

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Pragmatically Kinking
Welcome to the practical side of the lifestyle!
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