Naughty Nytes Nyc

Brooklyn Ny

Naughty Nytes NYC seeks to build community among people with shared values of sexual freedom & expression. We work to create unique and engaging experiences where people learn, connect with like-minded folks, and meet-up with old friends.

We look to widen Kink and BDSM engagement and understanding within the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community on a range of intimate topics.

We curate live interactive experiences in partnership with effective educators, entertainers, and influencers in the kink space. We take the utmost pride in curating unique and safe spaces for meaningful sexual exploration without judgment, while also creating exclusive networking opportunities to serve our NYC community all under one roof.

We value inclusivity and work to support sex workers as they look to protect their respective brands and events.
Come celebrate sexual freedom at our next gathering.

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