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Producer: MxBliss
Time: Tuesday 18th of January 2022, 8:00 pm–10:00 pm (PST)
Platform: Gatheround

Jiffy Kink Speed Dating (Sanctuary Benefit)

Jiffy Kinksters Seeking Friends and Potential Play Dates

Join us for a low stakes/high engagement online environment to catch up with old acquaintances, make new friends, and/or engage with potential play partners in advance of the next Jiffy Kink (or other Sanctuary party) you attend!


MxBliss is excited to offer an online meet and greet/play finder event: Jiffy Kink Speed Dating on behalf of Sanctuary. Since it can be hard to talk and meet new folks in masks and some of us may be holding off on IRL events until after the Omicron surge, we wanted to offer an alternative way to mix, mingle, and share space. Come and meet fellow Jiffy Kinksters, catch up with friends, and meet other folks interested in play.

We will be using GatherRound (see question on technology below for more information). You'll be prompted to pick whether you are participating as a Top or bottom (don't worry you can switch). Once you are in the main virtual ‘lobby’ MxBliss will greet you and walk you through the mechanics of Speed Dating. At this stage, you will be able to interact with the entire group through chat. Following orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet the other folks in your session in a 4 minute “speed date’ where you will respond to a few questions/prompts. If both people indicate a positive experience after the ‘date’, you will be matched through the system and will be notified as such. You will have the opportunity after the session to contact your matches through GatherRound.

Speed Dating Q&A w/ tech, privacy, and CODE of CONDUCT available HERE

This event is hosted/produced by:
Mx Bliss (she/they), Studio Bound, and Jiffy Kink
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