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Name Diamond Body Harnesses/TKs by Naturalturn
Producer Mooooo
Time Sunday 15th of January 2023, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (PST)
Location Private Venue, Downtown Campbell
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Diamond Body Harnesses/TKs by Naturalturn

Learn a complete and beautiful shibari body harness / box-tie
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An intermediate level and fully hands-on rope bondage class


Learn a complete and beautiful shibari body harness / box-tie combination that's built differently from the commonly taught and practiced ones. Whether you're fairly recent to rope or have been doing rope for years, this tie will contain elements that will challenge you and offer new insights into the practice of shibari. The complete tie can be used as-is, or you can adopt its elements into other ties to expand your rope repertoire.

This is an intermediate level and fully hands-on rope bondage class for those who have some experience with rope but are looking for more variety and challenge.

You should already have general knowledge of basic rope ties such as single and double column ties, harnesses, connector knots, and safety.

Do I need a partner?

Singles & couples are all welcome! Singles will be asked to pair up for practice. You are encouraged to tie with different partners to maximise the learning experience! 🤤

For the specific tie taught in this class bottoms should be able to sustain a hands-behind-the-back box-tie position for an extended period of time. We will not be doing suspensions.


The first 1.5 hours will be the demo and hands-on class, followed by 0.5 hours of practice and social time!

What should I wear or bring?

Dress comfortably for rope. Tight outfits are the best. You are welcome to free your nipples! However, please keep it in your pants (or undies).

Please bring 5-6 30ft lengths of bondage rope. There will be a limited supply of ropes available to borrow. Please message @Nocturnal_Events beforehand if you need to borrow them. ✨

Who's teaching the class?

@Naturalturn has been practicing beautiful rope art in the bay area scene for 29 years. He has taught dozens of workshops on various aspects of rope bondage ranging from beginning to advanced, both locally and nationally. He is also a fire dancer and a photographer. Check out his Fetlife profile to see his rope work and photography!

Covid stuff

  1. Being vaccinated is a must.
  2. Mask is optional, but recommended.
  3. There will be disinfecting wipes / spray and paper towels, and hand sanitiser.
This event is hosted/produced by:
San Jose, CA
[She/her] Rigger & kink educator.
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