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Name Merry Capture — Rope & Photography Jam
Producer Mooooo
Time Saturday 17th of December 2022, 3:00 pm–6:00 pm (PST)
Location Voxbody Studio, Oakland, 4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, California, United States
This event is 18+ only.

Merry Capture — Rope & Photography Jam

Capturing Your Shiba-rashii Moment, Winter Holiday Edition.
Sold Out!

Come in and dazzle us with your favorite outfits and ties! We are excited to have @Bobaholic capturing the magic you are creating!


Shibari ✕ Photography ❄️ Holiday Edition!

For all those of you who are yearning for new rope photos to add to your personal collection or to post on social media, come join us and capture your rope art, or your beautiful selves in ropes 📸✨ ‌

There will be holiday music to help you get in your zone 😌 Our talented photographer @Bobaholic will be shooting the stars in action (that's you!)

Snacks & tea will be provided for you to recharge.

Event Details

Date: 17th Dec 2022
Time: 3pm-6pm
Location: Voxbody Studio, Oakland

Dresscode: Dress for rope, or dress for the holiday ❄️ We will have some winter theme photo prop for you to use too! You can be as naked as you want INSIDE the venue.

Please note that the event venue is in Oakland. Doors open at 3pm, close at 4pm.

Guideline & Rules

🤘 Consent. Ask before touch.
🤘 No means no. And "no" is the only word you need for rejection.
🤘 Inclusivity. Please be respectful.

🚫 Food & drinks on the mat
🚫 Fire play, wax play, breath play, glitter, or anything that might make a messy mess
🚫 Loud constant screaming (we know sometimes you can't help it)
🚫 No fabric / furniture to be used for scenes with nudity and/or bodily fluids (ie: couch, soft bench, any pillows, poofs or blankets)

Unlike our usual Shibari Nocturne events, there will be no DMs. If you need help or see anything unsafe/concern you, please come to the host immediately.

Please read our guideline and rules carefully for maximising your experience at Shibari Nocturne's events 🤘 Feel free to ask if there's any questions or concerns.

Do I have to have my photo taken?


We know it is very stressful to be photo prefect at all time. We will provide glow sticks for you to wear on your wrist when you want some privacy from the camera(s).

However, please note that this is a photography-focused rope jam. If you don't feel comfortable with people going around with camera, please consider attending our other rope jams instead.

Can I take photos too?


You can ONLY take photos of yourself, and anyone whom gave you explicit consent. Please be mindful if there are others in the background. Before you post any photos, ask everyone in the photo for explicit consent again. Discuss thoroughly where will the photos be posted, who might see it etc.

What should I bring?

You and your rope, and other little things that would brighten your rope scene! You should also pack for aftercare: stuffies, blankets, fancy chocolate etc.

There will also be some house rope for public use. But you are strongly encouraged to bring your own rope.

If you wish to do suspension...

Bring your gears. Only use designated hardpoints/points where climbing straps and shackles are hung on structure.

From the Photographer

Hello! I am @Bobaholic, and I’m a photographer based in the South Bay! I shoot a little bit of everything, but my focus is on artistic and creative boudoir, kink, and erotic photography. Photography is what got me into kink and rope, and I love to bring out emotion through my soft and moody style.

Covid Stuff

  • Fully vaccinated is a must.
  • All attendees must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth while indoors or in close proximity to one another.
  • There will be disinfecting wipes / spray and paper towels, and hand sanitiser.

When in doubt, DM @Shibari_Nocturne

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