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Name Rope & Rhythm
Producer Mooooo
Time Friday 21st of October 2022, 7:00 pm–10:00 pm (PDT)
Location Private Venue, Campbell
This event is 18+ only.

Rope & Rhythm

Sexy wiggle with ropes

A sensual dancing class by our idol @MaidMiki . Come learn how to seduce and tease your tied up partner!


Proudly presenting: A sensual dancing class by our beloved idol @MaidMiki 💕

Want to tease the shit out of your partner after they are tied up? Want to learn some moves to seduce them in elegant ways? Want to just admire @MaidMiki in close distance? Get your ticket now!

The dance class will cover:

  • How to move your body and hips sensually and confidently
  • A dance routine fit for any gender and any music
  • How to include toys and rope into your movements

Come learn some moves and use them in the beginning/during your scenes!

It's an ONE HOUR dance class follow by 2 hours practice time & rope jam!

Event Details

Date: 21 Oct 2022 (Friday)
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: Downtown Campbell
(You will received the address on your confirmation email)
Instructor: @MaidMiki


7pm: Door open
7pm-8pm: Dance class with @MaidMiki
8pm - 10pm: Rope jam & practice time

Do I need a partner?

Singles & couples are both all welcome! Sexy wiggle is a one-person job, but one might wiggle harder when there's audience!

We will pair people up for a portion of the class, but there will be NO TOUCHING!

What should I wear or bring?

Dress comfortably for rope & movement. Tight outfits are the best. You are welcome to free your nipples! However, please keep it in your pants (or undies) 😳

You will need 1-2 30ft lengths of bondage rope. There is limited amount of rope available to borrow. Please message @Shibari_Nocturne beforehand if you need to borrow them. ✨

Who's teaching the class?

@MaidMiki is known for her sensual tying (with pink rope!) & untying, her impressive wardrobes, and her sexy dance moves! She has taught numerous dance lessons and specialised in social/partner dancing.

Covid stuff

  1. Being fully vaccinated with booster shot is a must.
  2. All attendees must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth while indoors or in close proximity to one another.
  3. There will be disinfecting wipes / spray and paper towels, and hand sanitiser.

Please see our Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocol

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