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Name UP-weeeee go! by TheDude
Producer Mooooo
Time Saturday 6th of August 2022, 3:00 pm–6:00 pm (PDT)
Location Private Venue, Campbell

UP-weeeee go! by TheDude

Load Line Management Class

Must-know information for those who want to do (or doing) rope suspension: Hardpoint & gear safety, lock offs, upline management for beginners, handling load line jams... We also encourage bottoms to join us and be informed.


Load line Management Class

There are two major components for doing a safe, dynamic, involved rope suspension sequences: Quality, supportive harnesses, and quickly-tied, secure load lines.

In this class, we will be nerding out on the load line and technical stuff behind it.

For the lecture part, we’ll cover:

  • Hardpoint Safety
  • Gear safety and considerations
  • Rope types
  • Various lock offs
  • Avoiding load line jams
  • Getting out of jams

After we covered all that, we will also do some hands-on exercises:

  • Lifting, loading and locking off with heavy objects.
  • Partials suspension that require various load line adjustments

Event Details

Date: 6th August 2022
Time: 3pm-6pm
Location: Downtown Campbell
(You will received the address on your confirmation email)
Instructor: @TheDude

Who is this class for?

  1. Rigger who are ready for getting into suspension
  2. Rigger who want to work on their load lines
  3. bottoms that does rope suspensions are also encourage to be informed.

There are also observation only space available.

Do I need a partner?

Singles & couples are both all welcome!

It is always encouraged to practice suspension by loading heavy objects (provided by us) before you suspend a real life person in the air.

The class is followed by a 2-hour rope jam

Practice makes perfect. We wait to provide time and space for practicing and developing muscle memory. The Rope Jam will be open to non-students also.

The tickets are sold independently. All attendees get a discount code so they can join the rope jam for an extra USD 5. (Not my fault that we have to pay rent)

What should I wear or bring?

Dress comfortably for rope. Tight outfits are the best. You are welcome to free your nipples! However, please keep it in your pants (or undies) 😳

You will need 5-8 30ft lengths of bondage rope. There is limited amount of rope available to borrow. Please message @Shibari_Nocturne beforehand if you need to borrow them. ✨

Who's teaching the class?

@TheDude is a rope educator from Denver, Colorado. He taught classes such as Flipy-Flop (very fun suspension sequence), Intentional Sadism in Rope etc. at various areas, events and kink convention.

Covid stuff

  1. Being fully vaccinated with booster shot is a must.
  2. All attendees must wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth while indoors or in close proximity to one another.
  3. There will be disinfecting wipes / spray and paper towels, and hand sanitiser.

Please see our Covid-19 Health & Safety Protocol

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