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Name Tangling Tea Time with SoJ
Producer Mooooo
Time Saturday 11th of June 2022, 2:30 pm–5:30 pm (PDT)
Location Private Venue, Campbell

Tangling Tea Time with SoJ

Afternoon Tea & Tie Munch

Social event with rope, tea & snacks.


Join us for a cup of Tie-Tea

Are you looking to meet people who also enjoy rope and bondage? Are you searching for friends to practice rope with? This is the event for you!

Tangling Tea Time is a munch for all skill-level rope enthusiasts to meet, chill, share experiences and maybe tie together!

There will be tea & snack station for us to sip and dip into a nice conversation. There will also be space and mat available for tying or sharing rope knowledge.

What should you bring?

Your open mind and friendly face, and rope!


2:30pm — Door open
3pm — Ice Breaker
5pm — Wind down, snack, tea and chatter time

This is mostly a social event. We do have space set up for tying, but please keep the scene small and causal


20 USD per person. Profit of the event goes to National Abortion Federation

House Rules

  1. Consent: Ask before touch. That goes to other people's body and belongings.

  2. Respect: It's is likely that we all learned and tied in different styles. Please be respectful and do not criticise other's work unless your opinions is asked.

  3. Inclusive: All gender, sexuality, race and skill levels are welcome.

  4. Discreet: It is important to protect our venue. The exact address will be share via e-mail after you purchase the ticket. Please do not share the address with anyone else.

  5. Safety: Alcoholic drinks, cannabis and other recreational subtle are not allowed. Please be responsible and only participle when you are sober.

  6. Cleanliness: Please take care of our venue. Be considerate and clean up after yourself. It is hard to find kink-friendly space, and we hope this will be an on-going event.

  7. Penetrative play is not allowed. This is not a sex party. You are welcome to explore your sexuality and be sensual, however, please do not expose your genitals. (Nipples are okay for all genders. Free the nipples!)

  8. No shoes on mat. Thank you.

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