Wiley Wolfe

Los Angeles, CA

Mistress Wiley Wolfe (she/they/none) is a Human Animal Handler, and Primal Daddy, and Professional Dominant, based in Los Angeles. Her primal energy aligns with the wolf, the coyote, and the hyena.

She is the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play community; The Observation Room, a new experimental fusion of kink and immersive theater; as well as the creator of Instinct LA, an online primal community and accompanying support group.

Her workshops have been welcomed at venues and events including IMsLBB, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, Dark Odyssey, Dungeon East, Wicked Grounds, Kinkfest, and more. She delights in utilizing her lens as a gay genderqueer person to empower inclusivity, ethics, and gender-euphoric f*ckery in BDSM

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