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Name *ONLINE* Giddy Up! Riding With a Purpose
Producer Miss Mackenzee
Time Friday 19th of August 2022, 7:00 pm–9:30 pm (EDT)
Platform Zoom

*ONLINE* Giddy Up! Riding With a Purpose

Genitals will NOT be shown

So you get on top and now what, you just bounce up and down right? Wrong. There is an art to riding dick, both for your pleasure and that of who you’re riding. This class is 18+.


It’s time to get in the saddle and go for a ride!

Do you want to help the person receiving last longer? Or maybe you want to discover new ways to make them climax when YOU say so. These are just among some of the spicy tips and tricks you’ll walk away with. Learn different ways to add power exchange beyond being on top including dirty talk and different toys to play with. You'll also be shown various stretches to help with your flexibility. Regardless of the type of dick you’re riding, whether it’s a bio cock or store bought, this class will help you feel more confident and powerful in your position.

There will also be exciting demos as part of the presentation. (Genitals will NOT be shown.) Several topics to be discussed are:

  • Best positions and angles for maximum pleasure as a vulva owner
  • Assisted devices for disabled folks and/or more comfort
  • Ways to increase confidence for those with thicker bodies
  • Exercises to get your stamina up
  • Riding with a sadistic intent
  • The art of sensuality and teasing

Make sure your sexual partners are begging and coming back for more!


This event is hosted/produced by:
Miss Mackenzee
Mid-Atlantic and DMV Region
Certified Hypnotist, Kink Lifestyle Mentor, Trauma-Informed Relationship Coach, International Educator
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