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Producer Mischief Matters
Time Friday 23rd of February 2024, 8:00 pm–12:00 am (EST)
Location Mischief Manor, Morris County, NJ, location revealed with your paid ticket
Category Social
This event is 21+ only.


It's gonna be cold. It's gonna be gray. So let's laugh it up instead!

Mischief Manor is hosting a movie night to laugh the cold away with GROUNDHOG DAY & GALAXY QUEST.

This is a vetted event. ALL are welcome. Click on Register to begin vetting process, if you have your own code, you do not need to re-register.


Mistress Schari LOVES movies, this is not an exaggeration, and she is often shocked how many Millennials and younger generations have not seen some 80s & 90s classics. So she has decided to open Mischief Manor on occasion for a purely social, FREE double feature night.

Movies that will be shown: GROUNDHOG DAY & GALAXY QUEST (order will be voted upon when the evening begins).

All our movie nights are vetted events and require a code to purchase tickets. *To receive a code you must REGISTER to be vetted and receive the promo code to open the ticketing.

Our event will feature TWO movies from the 80s or 90s. Why then? It's Mistress Schari's house, she's picking her favorite movies that she feels everyone should see. THIS IS A FREE OF CHARGE EVENT THAT WILL BE LIMITED TO 15 VETTED GUESTS!!!

You can add on your pizza in advance! Each pizza ticket is good for 3-4 slices, order 2 tickets if you would like your own pie!

Each movie is about 90 minutes long. Pizzas will be ordered when everyone arrives and anyone who wishes to have some will contribute to the delivery at that time. Popcorn and water will be provided, but you can certainly bring other snacks to share. You may also attend in your pajamas and bring a pillow and a blanket if you'd like.

Movie Rules:

  1. Anyone over 21 years of age may attend.
  2. Guest limit will be 15 attendees.
  3. First movie starts at 8:15 pm, then pizza break, then 2nd movie begins around 10:30 pm.
  4. Please be prepared to sit on the floor, chairs and sofa-seating will be reserved first for anyone over 40 years of age, they've earned it.
  5. NO TALKING DURING THE MOVIES. Just like when you are in a real movie theater :). After all... SILENCE is GOLDEN, and DUCT TAPE is SILVER!
  6. Cell phones must be silenced and put away during the movie, or Mistress Schari will confiscate it; her house, her rules.
  7. Bring cash contribution for pizza please, or venmo and cashapp will be accepted on site.
  8. The Dungeon WILL NOT be open for this event, however a tour will be granted if you've not yet seen it.
  9. You may wear your pj's and bring a blanket and pillow for more comfy-ness.

All our movie nights are vetted events and require a code to purchase tickets. *To receive a code you must REGISTER to be vetted and receive the promo code to open the ticketing.

If your plans change before the event, please come back here to remove yourself from the list so that spots can open up for others, thank you.

You can view event descriptions and our various policies at If you still have questions you may contact us at We appreciate your cooperation in filling out this form so that we can streamline our vetting and guest list process.
Mischievously Yours, Mischief Matters

This event is hosted/produced by:
Mischief Matters
Morris County, NJ
North Jersey's Premiere Space for Education and Events. Because a Little Mischief, Matters.
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