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Producer Mischief Matters
Time Saturday 18th of March 2023, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm (EDT)
Location Mischief Manor, Wharton, NJ, location revealed with your paid ticket
Category Education
This event is 21+ only.


Be the Best Bottom You Can Be!

No matter which side of the slash you fall on, this class offers invaluable insight into the dynamics of a power exchange. Appropriate for Tops and Bottoms alike.


Better Bottoming for Submissives w/ Billy Lore

Whether you’re a masochistic power bottom or a shy service slut, you know bottoming requires skill–skill that’s rarely recognized, acknowledged, or taught. Written specifically for s-types who want to broaden their knowledge base, this two-hour discussion includes my best advice for both new and experienced submissives alike. I’ll discuss a bottom’s responsibilities (to both their top and themself), share tools for communicating with your partner, and provide some guidance on getting intimately familiar with your own desires. This is a class that offers almost as many questions as it does answers, and aims for its attendees to leave with newfound insights and curiosity about their own needs and approach to bottoming.

No matter the type of scene or dynamic you're bottoming to, there are a lot of fundamental skills that are fairly universal, even if we're implementing them in different ways, and those are the skills we're discussing in this class. We'll talk about things like having an intimate understanding of your needs and desires, communicating effectively, keeping yourself safe, and being present for an experience with your partner(s), while offering flexible tools for each of those that attendees can apply to their kink lives, regardless of the specific types of scenes they enjoy.

This class welcomes people of all genders, orientations, and experience levels. Although the class is presented for submissives who bottom, we welcome tops, bottoms, and switches of all stripes who are interested in learning more about the skills that go into being a great bottom.

Presenter Bio: Billy Lore [He/Him] is a Philly-based sex educator and porn maker with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a big mouth. He centers trans pleasure, authentic communication, playful kink, and queer joy in all of his work, while his teaching style prioritizes inclusivity, accessibility, harm-reduction, and humor. He uses storytelling to engage the audience, and metaphors and pop culture references to break down complex topics into digestible concepts. You can find him engaging in dorky discourse on sex, dating, and masturbating every week on The Dildorks and you can follow him online at @BillyLore on Twitter, and @BillyLore_ on instagram.

Tickets are $20 PER PERSON and space will be limited to 35 people.

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Mischief Matters
Morris County, NJ
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