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Name DON'T BE A D!*K
Producer Mischief Matters
Time Saturday 17th of December 2022, 6:00 pm–7:00 pm (EST)
Location Mischief Manor, Wharton, NJ, location revealed with your paid ticket
Category Education
This event is 21+ only.


Lifestyle Etiquette, Respect, & Decency

Learn to navigate a lifestyle party.


Catnip will go over a basic introduction to public play etiquette and the rules of Mischief Manor. They will also include a "how-to" for arranging and participating in public play, watching scenes, and enjoying your time while respecting others and their boundaries. They will discuss the benefits of using our wristband system and how vetting for events works throughout the kink community. Catnip will also do a brief explanation of personal pronouns and how to navigate not knowing an individual's gender identity. If you are new to the kink scene or have been away from it for a while, or have never attended public events before, then we encourage you to attend this class. It's a great refresher for seasoned players as well.

Open to all genders and lifestyles. This class also provides excellent training for unattached submissives who are looking for a dominant partner, because displaying these skills may attract what they are looking for. This workshop is also recommended for Dominants wishing to hone their skills to better train their own. Available as a classroom workshop, staff training, or private instruction as well. Class is $20 to attend, must be paid in advance.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Mischief Matters
Morris County, NJ
North Jersey's Premiere Dungeon for Kink Education and Events. Because a Little Mischief, Matters.
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