Mara Domina


Born in the heart of California, Miss Mara hails from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood. Her career began in 2013 as a diverse Performance Professional at a local House in Los Angeles, and created a solid foundation for Her knowledge of Alternative Arts. As a Femme, Her greatest joy is watching the curious transform into the most humble followers and genuine voyeurs with PURPOSE.

When She is not traveling the United States or touring internationally, Miss Mara creates short films and art directs self-portraits based on Her smoldering experiences to expose Her perspectives on healing while taking powerful command in-front and behind camera. She has been featured in Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Malmö, and published in Fet-Erotica Magazine, as well as accepted to NSFW, HUMP!, and SF Film Festivals. Currently, She is expanding Her Presence to the stage with Her floral rope arrangements, as well as playing with fire, light, and paint on Her seductive models.

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