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Name KNOT LOVE Couples Erotic Rope Immersion 3-part Series
Producer KNOT LOVE
Time Thursday 12th of October 2023, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm,
Thursday 19th of October 2023, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm,
Thursday 26th of October 2023, 7:00 pm–8:30 pm (PDT)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

KNOT LOVE Couples Erotic Rope Immersion 3-part Series

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A in-depth exploration of the art of erotic rope play combing technical rope skills with spiritual embodiment practices and partner connection exercises. Learn how to have a hot rope experience that cultivates deep intimacy, trust and erotic desire.


Introducing the KNOT LOVE Couples Erotic Rope Immersion 3-part Series!

Explore the technical fundamentals of erotic rope play with a focus on developing deeper intimacy, trust, and connection with your partner.

KNOT LOVE is a spiritual approach to erotic rope play that combines meditation and embodiment practices along with detailed instruction in the technical art of shibari.

In addition to learning fundamental rope techniques (such as single and double column ties, chest harnesses, arm and leg tying techniques) you will learn how to apply these techniques to create a hot, sexy rope scene with your partner.

This series will help you to be more grounded, energized, and open-hearted so you can bring your full, authentic presence into your rope experience.

Each class will go deeper in developing greater relaxation, confidence, and the power of attunement with your partner.

The series is suitable for all experience levels with shibari. Beginners will get a solid foundation for learning erotic rope bondage while experienced shibari artists will discover exciting ways to deepen their existing practice.

There will be a focus on working with a partner. Single people are welcome to attend and can practice many of the techniques on a chair, mannequin, or as a self-tie.

Includes FREE bonus video class "Spiritual Shibari 101"! This is a 90-minute introduction to the basics of a spiritual shibari practice.

Each class in this series will help train you to be more:

  • Relaxed and balanced
  • Grounded and energized
  • Open hearted and connected
  • Confident and embodied

A recording will be made available shortly after each class ends.

🔥 Get Ready for Deep Intimacy and Erotic Connection! 🔥

This fun, sexy 3-part series will help you learn to use your rope play as a time of deep listening to yourself & your partner.

🌹 What to Expect:

🪢 Rope Basics: Discover the fundamentals of erotic rope play including safety, consent, foundational techniques, smooth rope handling skills, and proper aftercare.

🧘 Heart-Opening Meditation: Each week will begin with an embodied meditation practice to ground yourself in the present moment and develop the relaxation, clarity and awareness necessary for safe, connected and hot rope play.

🔥 Guided Erotic Rope Sequences: Combine rope skills in different captivating and sensual rope sequences designed to ignite passion and strengthen your bond with your partner.

🔮 Spiritual Shibari: Experience your rope as a sacred object of connection and healing that can provide an avenue for personal and spiritual development.

🌊 Explore Yourself: Dive into the world of sensation, resistance, surrender, the polarity of power dynamics, and the meditative art of rope play.

🎭 Switch Roles: Explore the dynamics of your relationship as you choose whether to switch roles or stay as the rope top/bottom during the series.

🎥 Can't Make It Live? No Worries! Get access to recordings for a month after the event ends. Only the instructor will be recorded, not any of the participants.

Whether slow and sensual or quick and passionate, it's the love, trust, and connection that will set your hearts on fire.

Please bring 2 lengths of rope at least 8m long to the class.

❤️ BONUS! Get access to "The Heart of Erotic Rope Bondage" instructional video course for only $25. This full-length 18-module video tutorial provides a complete foundation for learning the art of erotic rope bondage. Normally priced at $99. Dive deep into the art of open-hearted communication, connection, and sexy, safe rope play.

••• Facilitator:

Edward Willey has been teaching meditation, qigong, and martial arts with a philosophy of unconditional love for over 15 years. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido and is a senior instructor of Sheng Zhen Meditation.

He has helped thousands of people relax their bodies, quiet their minds, and embody the true spirit of an open heart. He is also the founder of KNOT LOVE, an open-hearted approach to erotic rope play.

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