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Name Surrender: Wrestling, Role Play & Ropes
Producer Kat Scratch Studios
Time Friday 15th of December 2023, 7:00 pm–11:00 pm (EST)
Where 3F Studios, New York City, 51 W. 14th Street (3rd floor), Manhattan and TBD
Category Party
This event is 18+ only.

Surrender: Wrestling, Role Play & Ropes

NYC's Hottest Fetish Wrestling Party with Mini-Sessions

December's wrestling play party theme is ROLE PLAY & ROPES! (Because how would superheroes tie up bad guys without ropes?)


Come to our house party with wrestling mats!

Friday, Dec. 15

7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

51 W. 14th Street (3F)


virtual ticket option available

Open public mat! Hang out, meet and wrestle with other underground wrestling community aficionados. Never wrestled? This is the perfect place to try it!

Learn how to negotiate a scene + wrestling safety, rope safety and a bondage wrestling lesson before we kick off the party!

There will be private and semi-private rooms for mini-sessions with the hottest lineup of wrestlers and other fetish providers. Please contact featured providers individually for session info.

Plus, music, flash tattoo, vendors and maybe some surprises!

This is a play party for adults only. No penetrative play allowed.

Join us on FetLife to stay in-the-know for upcoming parties, connect with fetish wrestling community and get extra details on each party.


  • Goddess Nyx
  • Mommy Iris
  • Mistress Blake
  • Layla Makayla
  • Queen Brigit Heart
  • Fiesty Feminista
  • Goddess Cleo Taillor
  • Goddess D
  • Rev. Rucifer
  • Lotus Ropewolf
  • Big Boss Blaze
  • Emperor Akasha Onyx
  • Lana Luxor
  • VeVe Lane
  • Domina Katarina aka "The Domme Kat" Pierce


  • Amun's Edibles
  • SW Survival Guide
  • Fantasy Features
  • free gifts from Lust Arts (custom adult toys)

Maxie Tattoo is back for flash skin art.

Plus, a cuddle puddle and electro play mini sessions with Sir Nik


Role play and rope (bondage)!

All kinds of wrestling are welcome on the public mat from paid facesitting minis with one of the featured wrestlers to tickle wrestling with your friend to semi-cooperative BJJ with another guest to fetish wrestling on the public mat.

Wear your signature thong, roll with yoga pants, go topless, use a sports bra, feel your fetish or your prostyle flair... athletic or sexy is all up to you. Costumes are highly encouraged!

Nothing pokey that can rip the mats or hurt you or your wrestling partner. It is recommended that you leave jewelry at home.

You may wear slippers, flip flops or some kind of foot covering while walking around the party to avoid dirty feet on the mats.


There will be semi-private and private rooms for paid mini-sessions. Private session rooms are open for sessions with features providers from 7 p.m. to the end of the party. Contact featured providers directly to inquire.

The public mat can be used for paid mini-sessions or by community ticket holders who want to wrestle each other.

Voyeurs also welcome.

Referees will be available on the public mat to keep us all from smashing into each other. Matchmakers can help find you a wrestling or role play match up with another guest.

Always ASK before touching anyone. If someone is violating your boundaries or harassing you, please speak to Katarina, GlittersaurusRex, referees/mat safety monitors or volunteers. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. If you feel something, say something, and we will help.

This is a space for everyone to feel welcome. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

The space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.


What should I wear?

Something FABULOUS! Is your favorite role play scenario hot-for-teacher? Welcome to our party, professor! Do the X-Men excite you? Heroes and villains are all super!

Indulge in role play favorites like pizza delivery guy or 🔧"pipe-layer." Wear your favorite look from Comic Con week but add in very NSF-CC bondage role play elements. 😈

Dressing up/wearing a costume is highly encouraged!

Feeling less festive?

Wear your signature thong, roll with yoga pants, go topless, use a sports bra, feel your fetish or your prostyle flair... athletic or sexy is all up to you! Nothing pokey on the mats (belts, spiked collars, studs) that could harm you or your wrestling partners. Leave jewelry at home if possible.

What should I bring?

You can place your personal items in the seating area along with your shoes (3F Studios is a shoeless space). Please only bring what you need. Suggested: shoes to wear when not on the mats, cash and/or digital wallets

Will there be a bar or food?

Do edibles from the vendors count? 💚You can nibble on some elevated or head trippy delights, but otherwise, no food served.

The party is BYOB! There is a refrigerator. The space is 420-friendly but non-smoking. Be mindful of your own risk profile if you BYOB or while imbibing 420 treats.

Water is provided. PLEASE STAY HYDRATED

Where do I find it?

51 W. 14th Street (near Union Square in Manhattan), NYC. Buzz 3F. When you come up to the top of the steps on the 3rd floor, buzz at the black door to be let in. There is garage parking nearby, access to multiple train lines in and outside of NYC.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yep! Ticket sales end the night before at midnight!! $50 cash or digital wallet at the door.
CashApp $katscratchstudios or Venmo @gnocchiprincess. NO MEMO in CashApp. Venmo requires something in the memo so please use a 🌈rainbow emoji or a ☕️coffee cup. DO NOT WRITE “SESSION” OR ANYTHING RELATED. Show the completed transfer to the person at the door.

How do I get in touch with a featured wrestler?

Providers will be available for paid minis on the public mat and in the private rooms. They are also available to hire as a referee in your match against another guest or to provide some steamy visuals for the voyeurs. Session cost and content are up to the providers discretion. Please contact the providers directly to inquire or prebook.

What if I've never wrestled before?

Surrender always includes a kink demo or lesson within the party theme as we highlight certain kinks or aspects of wrestling. That will include a consent and scene negotiation demo, wrestling safety and rope safety tutorials and a short bondage wrestling lesson.

You can also head to the matchmaker station to find people with similar role play scenarios! Hoping for a “therapist” who uses a flogger to cure you? Maybe your "cure" is at the party! You’ll find out when you ask for what you want and submit your role play idea to our matchmakers.

Referees on the public mat can help you match up with other guests for free wrestling. While you aren't guaranteed a wrestling partner, there are plenty of opportunities to wrestle other guests on the public mat.

Arm bands will be provided: Guests with green armbands are indicating that they are OK being approached for play with other guests. Guests with the red bands are guests who do not consent to open play with other guests. You may change your armband color at any time during the event. Providers will also be available for paid private mini-sessions.

Are photos allowed?

Only against a wall to minimize folx in the background and if you tag me on social media. ;-)

Everyone in the photo must enthusiastically consent to being photographed. General photos of the party are not permitted for guest privacy. It is preferred if you are off your phone and present at the party.

Totally serious about that tag. ;-)
IG: @domina_katarina @the_DommeKat @theDommeKat2.0
Tw & BlueSky: @theDommeKat
Fet: theDommeKat

Do adult industry/sex workers get a discount?

Absolutely! Contact Katarina for the promo code.

If you're a provider considering wrestling sessions in the future, please come and play with us on the public mat. We'd love to get to know you.

End Violence Against Sex Workers Day is Dec. 17 and Surrender would like to honor that and raise some funds for a local org. Stay tuned for updates.

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This event is hosted/produced by:
Kat Scratch Studios
New York, NY
Compassionate sadist, educator, event producer and kinda a dick.
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