Kat Scratch Studios

New York, NY

Katarina "The Domme Kat" Pierce is a NYC-based fetish wrestler, ProDomme, kink educator, event producer and community advocate. Kat has been quoted a few places and has given a few talks, but is terrible at updating her website. So, you're on your own finding those.

As a kink educator, Kat has taught workshops on butt stuff, wrestling, foot domination, Domination 101, BDSM basics, and more. When she isn't wrestling people in private sessions, she's wrestling people on camera. She often appears with Doom Maidens, home of VeVe Lane, where Kat trains.

Kat proudly made her producer title official when she created Kat Scratch Studios, Inc., a fetish production company creating custom clips.

Her last words will be, "Alright. Let's try it."

With Tiana "Glittersaurus Rex" and Dr. Ash Dark, Kat co-founded SW Survival Guide, a non-profit dedicated to the idea that life-saving information shouldn't be gatekept because survival shouldn't be a luxury. But she has an Amazon wishlist... so she isn't perfect.

With a background in TV production and journalism, when she's editing porn and her mom calls to ask what she's doing, Kat gets to say, "Using my college degree."

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