Hidden Dungeon

Vacaville, CA


We are a diversified inclusive community-based dungeon that is committed to our members safety and well-being.
All genders and sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged to attend. The HD is a private space with HD events and events hosted by event organizers including themed parties, education, and more.

The @Hidden-Dungeon, @HD-6 and @-HouseOfDeviance Mission Statement is to provide a safe environment for people to come and enjoy our space. We are a “not for profit space,” all donations go right back into upgrades for the facility to improve everyone's experience while attending.

You are expected to "dress up" in Dungeon appropriate clothing unless you're nude. If you're not sure what that dress code is... ASK before showing up. Generally speaking, make an effort!

No Prostitution or Pay for services will be tolerated. Please respect all persons in our space; consent, decorum and etiquette are cornerstones of our culture. Don't be stupid and get yourself Banned.

YOU MUST BE VETTED to attend any HD event.
YOU MUST BE 21+ IN AGE to attend any HD event.

If you are attending an event hosted at HD you must be vetted by the event hosts. If you have attended an event hosted at the HD it does not mean you are automatically vetted for the space / HD hosted private events. If you are not friended on Fetlife by the HD profile you are probably not vetted.

This is the link to access our vetting forms:

HD Owner @Stephanie-Ann
HD Owner @Mis-Brigdette
HD Owner @Mistress-Pam

Current Head DM's
House DM @Feral-Kitten
House DM @Scorpion-D
House Ambassador @LondonBrown

About HD:
The HD is 3600sq ft of Private play space located on 56 acres of land with a mile long driveway that takes you far from all the boring people that we have to deal with in everyday life. With no neighbors or sound restrictions play can start as soon as you park. Upkeeped BDSM equipment for a safe fun night with low lighting to set the mood for a magical night. 7 person Hot tub in the Dungeon to watch the play as you relax.
Large outside pool and social space.

HD events are 21 and over as BYOB and 420 is allowed. Do both responsibly and do not engage in pick-up play if you have. We offer over-night accommodations in the dungeon if needed. Do not Play or Drive intoxicated!!! There is also a new option of paying for Over-Night Dry RV Parking for events held at Hidden-Dungeon.

We are mostly a couples and single female dungeon with very select males.

Beginning your vetting opportunity is available at The Vacaville Munch and
The-Hidden-Dungeon-Wet-Munch!! OUT-DOORS. There will still be all the paperwork processes, but we do want to meet you.

Yes we are in the Vacaville area

We are ONLY accepting Friend Requests on Fetlife from guests that Have BEEN to the Hidden Dungeon and are vetted individuals. Email Stephanie-Ann for the vetting process or meet her at the Vacaville Munch or The-Hidden-Dungeon-Wet-Munch!! OUT-DOORS.
You may being your vetting process below.

This is the link to access our vetting forms:


Something Extra:

A bit of Trivia About Hidden Dungeon Events:
HD Parties aren't only reasonably priced,
Bet you can't name any other party hosts that do that!

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