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Name Creature Cavalcade at Folsom Street Fair
Producer Ethology Collective
Time Sunday 24th of September 2023, 9:30 am–1:00 pm (PDT)
Location Folsom Street, San Francisco, Folsom Street
Category Festival
This event is 18+ only.

Creature Cavalcade at Folsom Street Fair

Animal Roleplayers Open Folsom Street Fair with a Procession


Let us know you will be parading with us!

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The Cavalcade begins as the Folsom Street Fair opens in 2023, and walks, rides, trots & struts in a circuit through the fair. Sometimes known as the ‘Pony Parade’ or the ‘Pet Parade’ this year will be the 10th Cavalcade!

All types of human animals and their people are invited. Petplayers, primal players, latex creatures, fursuiters, human animal role players, and all related intersections are welcome. This is not specific to any one group and everyone interested in this style of play and/or fetish is welcome to join.

Carts, sleds, wagons & various other wheels are also welcome!

Cavalcade: cav·al·cade noun \ˌka-vəl-ˈkād, ˈka-vəl-ˌ
a procession of riders or carriages, a dramatic sequence or procession

New in 2023!
Arrive early to get photos in your gear! Photographer for individuals and small groups participating in the Cavalcade will be available near our gathering point from 9:30-11am. (More info in details below)

Join the Cavalcade

Meeting Location: We will meet at the crossroads near the Society of Janus (SOJ) booth. Look for a pony cart nearby and that will be our roll out point. This is usually set for Eleventh St and Folsom, but subject to change.

(Note: We’re meeting near the SOJ booth, but not at the booth. Please do not gather at their booth, since they will be doing their own set up while we gather. Please stop by to support them after the Cavalcade.)

Location changes: If there is any change in location, the new information will be posted here.

Main Schedule:

9-9:30am - Tack up, meet & greet, gear checks
9:30-11:00am - Photo area open for groups and individuals.
11:00am - Folsom Street Fair is officially open
11:15 - Cavalcade group photo!
11:20am -Official Cavalcade Roll out.

The cavalcade ends when crowds become too thick for carts, and we return to the meeting point. Some years we have needed to end as early as 12:15, some years we could go until 2! It all depends on the crowd.

Photography for Cavalcade participants from 9:30-11. We will have a photographer in place before the Cavalcade to take photos of the participants. This is a great opportunity to get professional grade pictures of you in your Folsom best! Arrive early to make sure you get pictures! If a queue develops, we will move the participants along quickly to allow everyone to have a chance. Digital images will be made available online afterwards.

Note there is No early practice circuit time this year! Please try to practice with your gear prior to Folsom (especially if it’s been in storage for awhile) Remember to arrive early to allow enough time for costumes and equipment. Complex gear may need over an hour just to get ready.

Other Cavalcade Details

How to participate: Join us before 11:15 am, or join in as we move through the Fair.

Cost: No cost to participate. There is a suggested donation to get into the Fair. Link for Fair information is here. https://www.folsomstreet.org/

Getting in before 11 for line up/tack-up: Yes, Folsom Street Fair does not open until 11, however, Folsom street is a public street, and you are permitted to walk in before that time. If you feel an explanation is necessary, just let them know you are coming to help with the Cavalcade group. You can just walk in and meet us inside.

Pictures & stops: If you must stop or pause during the Cavalcade, please step aside so other Cavalcade participants can pass you. During the parade, people will ask you to stop to let them take pictures, please encourage them to take pictures as we go. Please also pull to the side if you must fix gear or take a break.

General Folsom Street Fair info. Check their official website here: https://www.folsomstreet.org/folsom-street-fair-2023

Cavalcade tips

Practice with your gear in advance.
Keep an eye on the weather predictions & be prepared to dress (or undress) for it.
Bring water and snacks.
Arrive early for photos
Once the cavalcade begins, step out of the line if you want to stop and let others pass. Whether it's for pictures, or to fix a technical difficulty, or to visit with a friend, just take a few steps off to the side.

Have an exit strategy for your cart & gear, there will not be a place to safely park/store it. Some folks prefer to just put the cart & gear back in their car or room before they continue on with the fair.

Percussion, & Heralds Needed! Announce to the Fair the cavalcade is coming. In the past these talented people have used drums, bells, tambourines or just their own voices to announce the cavalcade & help make a way through the Folsom crowd. Drums & bells can be provided, or let us know what instrument you’d like to bring.

Carts: Yes, bring your cart, your sled, your chariot, your little red wagon. We’ve had all sorts pulled by some of the finest human creatures around. There is room for more. We will space the carts out so that everything can flow reasonably well. There will NOT be any storage location for the carts, so please plan to remove or secure your own carts after the cavalcade.

No Cart? No problem. Walk along with us! In fact, we’d love to put you at the front of the line, if you’d like. You may also find someone that needs help with pulling on the day of the event.

End time: The cavalcade ends when the crowds get too thick for the carts. At that point, we will go back to the meeting point, breakdown carts as needed.

Latecomers: Can't make it at 11:15? Feel free to join us as we move through Folsom! But do try to join us early if possible

This event is hosted/produced by:
Ethology Collective
Richmond, CA
Group of human animal role-players offering classes, support groups, and events!
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