Dual Demons

Santa Cruz, CA

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Meet The Demons: Devon and Cass are life partners that have bonded over their many shared interests and ethical values, as well as their deeply intimate bonds. They met on Feeld and, in classic Queer fashion, instantly fell in love on the first coffee date. Their relationship has blossomed over the years and what started off as a way to connect on a shared level has developed into what you see here today. Together, the Demons have found the ways that they can share their passions and knowledge with the world and highlight their individual strengths as the Duo.

Meet Devon (they/them): They are the hedonistic coffee gremlin of the duo. A non-binary, queer, switch on a mission to educate the world on kink and polyamory. They’re always learning new things and actively working on unlearning harmful lessons taught by our society. Devon loves using their hands- both to make chains and to tie up their friends. They have been actively doing rope for over two years and love creating a space for people to feel empowered and safe in their ropes.

Meet Cass (they/she): A self-described chaotic Switch, Cass is a 6’1 roller skating sparkling mermaid covered in bruises and paint with a love for the ocean and all things that glitter. She is a non-binary, bisexual, relationship anarchist switch (that has never made a decision in her life.) As a trauma-informed kinky sex educator, Cass has been cultivating a community of people driven by informed consent and queer liberation. They have been an artist their whole life and spends their time painting and crafting, designing costumes, pole dancing, teaching classes, playing DnD, practicing the Dark Arts, and creating more broadly. You can frequently find her in one of her infamous monochrome looks with matching glitter and face paint, usually in roller skates or 8 inch boots.

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