Dr. Zo Marcos, L.Ac, DACM

Bay Area, CA

For Dr. Marcos(he/him), Needle Play Acupuncture is envisioned by and for the LGBTQIA+ community, with expertise in Transgender Care, to offer service and healing to the Trans, Kink and Leather communities of the Bay Area (family, friends, and allies welcome).

Dr. Marcos’s table is a sanctuary where all are safe to receive treatment; where the stories told by our “scene souvenirs” are welcomed, and our bodies are supported by transgender-centered, kink-informed, and trauma-informed care to keep us doing what we love!

Dr. Marcos, L.Ac, DACM

P.S. My practice is accepting new patients! I am always so grateful for your support in the form of a referral or positive review. Remember, refer three and you get one treatment free!

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