Den of Roses

Antioch, CA

The Den of Roses is owned by Goddess Shamama and is a Hierarchical FemDomme-run H/household that is made up of Dominant and submissive members. Our public events are intended for those of A/all genders who enjoy the practice of power exchange.

Shamama leads with love and incites the structure of the D/s, and High Protocol in Her household. She invites non-men as Dominant members, and all genders as submissive members who feel T/they would benefit and contribute to this family system.

Den Values:
Good Communication
Personal growth
Personal responsibility
Respect for A/all
Striving for excellence
Supporting each other in our dreams and aspiration in every area of O/our lives

Our current goals and activities include:
Quarterly private dinners
Planning events large and small that incorporate High Protocol, D/s, CDns (otherwise known as CFNM)
Traveling for kink
Fundraising to build our dungeon for private access to our members and occasional public events
Fundraising to support admission to local events for those that have financial challenges and would otherwise be excluded.
Create the 24/7 household experience
Educate ourselves further on the history of Leather, Old Guard, etc. in order to grow and enhance our community
Establishing a KinkyBNB for overnight travelers or for the use of the dungeon space on an hourly basis by reservation. (Available to Den M/members, dear friends, and their guests)

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