Dan and dawn

Dan and dawn are educators that have been actively involved in alternative lifestyles; Power Exchange, Polyamory, Sacred Sexuality, etc., since 2001. Over the last 20+ years they have presented on these topics at hundreds of events around North America.

Not only do they share their experience and knowledge via classes and workshops; in person and virtually.... they also are authors of multiple popular and respected books: Living M/s, Hearts and Collars, and Polyamory Toolkit, as well as being the co-hosts of the longest running kink and polyamory podcast on the web, Erotic Awakening.

Over the years they have also produced events like: Power eXchange Summit, Beyond the Love Polyamory Summit, Subs in Service Intensive, and more......

Everything 'Dan and dawn' can be found at www.eroticawakening.com

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