San Francisco, CA

Coil is a duo of friends that wanted to provide a casual place for queer folks to practice rope and develop familiar, genuine connections within the community. As a team, we've worked to bring Coil's Queer Rope Jam to where it is today; a relaxed and intimate rope jam that welcomes LGBTQ+ folks of all levels and rope tying styles, directing its focus less like the class format and more towards a companionable get-together while still valuing safety above all. Because we've both known what it's like to be in a tough spot, we also strive to make sure that our event is open to folks of all financial states and that no one is turned away from Queer Rope Jam for lack of funds.

Coil is comprised of Zally: long time rope bottom of a decade, purveyor of vagaries*, and lover of kinks and freaks, and Ari: a dedicated rope top with a love for experimentation in tying and clear communication.

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