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Name Needle Night
Producer Box Tie Studio
Time Sunday 15th of October 2023, 5:30 pm–8:00 pm (EDT)
Location Box Tie Studio, Portland, ME 04103, 400 Riverside Street, Unit A-8
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Needle Night

Let's get to the point...

Have you ever been interested in exploring needleplay? Now is your opportunity, because Box Tie Studio is hosting its first-ever needle night!


Needles can be a very versatile kink. Whether you're topping, bottoming, or self-stabbing—into it for the pain, blood, or pretty designs—needles can provide an avenue for you to explore some edgier play.

Cait, a registered nurse since 2015 and needle enthusiast since 2016, will lead you through the basics of needleplay. Safety, proper technique, and ways to minimize the risk of bloodborne infection will all be discussed and demonstrated. Anyone who is interested in trying needles—whether topping, bottoming, switching, or self-stabbing—will get a chance, and Box Tie Studio will provide supplies for everyone to participate.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class.

We are implementing a maximum capacity of 25 attendees due to limited space, so if you want to come, you should reserve your tickets online ahead of time. You can reserve a ticket online and pay for it an alternate way if you want to avoid Forbidden Ticket's processing fees; just select the appropriate ticket and pay for it using one of the methods listed.

Some other notes for the group:

  1. Please review our group rules. You can also print and sign our liability waiver and Code of Conduct Agreement from the same page on our website. If you don't, we'll have you sign them when you check in.
  2. Bring a blanket or yoga mat to sit on, if desired; there are a few chairs.
  3. Please make sure you've recently showered and that your skin is relatively clean, if you plan on bottoming or self-stabbing.
  4. Vanilla to the door, no nudity inside; genitals must be covered.
  5. You can come alone or with a partner, but we won't match up single attendees for you. You can pair yourselves up if desired.
  6. All attendees are required to be vaccinated against COVID, and we will check your valid photo ID and proof of vaccination at the door. If you can't be vaccinated for legitimate reasons, please reach out to Cait ( or @ropespaced on FetLife) beforehand.
  7. Please don't attend if you're feeling ill or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 (review symptoms here). If you can't attend due to illness, we'll refund your tickets fully.
  8. You can start arriving at 5:30 PM. Please try to arrive early! We will be closing the doors at 6:00 and making opening remarks so we can start ASAP. If you know you're going to be late, please text Cait at (207) 558-2930.
  9. There is plenty of parking. When you turn left onto Ingersoll Drive, the parking lot is the first left, and we are the first building on the left. We are the second-floor end unit; you'll see large windows and skylights from outside. Please text Cait at (207) 558-2930 if you have trouble finding us.
  10. No smoking indoors.
  11. No guns or weapons are allowed on the premises.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at! You can also message @ropespaced (Cait) or @Griffin207 (Griffin) on FetLife. Otherwise, we hope to see you there!

This event is hosted/produced by:
Box Tie Studio
Portland, ME
Maine's first full-time shibari education studio.
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