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Name Embracing Bisexuality in your 30s and Beyond
Producer Bloom Community
Time Monday 27th of March 2023, 8:00 pm–9:00 pm (EDT)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Embracing Bisexuality in your 30s and Beyond

A reflective workshop for those who experience a later in life same sex attraction and acceptance of there being no real timeline for sexuality


Workshop Description

This workshop will discuss the expansiveness and fluidity of sexuality. G-stone will be guiding us through exercises for participants to assess their sexuality from the lens of identity, orientation and behavior. Through these questions and activities, we will explore what pleasure and alignment means to you and how this may have changed or evolved for you over time. Some other topics we'll be exploring are:

  • internal and external factors that shape belief systems
  • How your sexuality shows up in your lives & relationships,
    -How it influences your decision making
    -Challenges of coming out later in life
  • Learning more about your sexual self.

This class is catered towards folks of all genders who identify on the bisexual spectrum who feel as though they are coming into their identity later in their life.

Educator Bio
G Stone is a Certified and Board Approved Clinical Sexologist, Certified Master Sexpert, Founder of "Straight"... But Not Narrow Ladies™, Dating, Relationship, Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, Speaker and Event & Travel Experience Curator.

G believes the foundation for many of our human experiences are rooted in sexuality and relationships. She helps people find clarity and transform by teaching them to embrace authenticity in understanding the expansiveness of sexuality and its impact on our belief systems, relationships and the sexual self.

G is passionate about curating spaces to learn the lessons many are not taught in the areas of dating, relationships and sexuality. She centers on women of color and women over 35 post marriage and long-term relationships offering events, travel and coaching programs to empower and help them optimize their dating and relationship experiences.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Bloom Community
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