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Name Pain Processing: Learning to Endure and Suffer
Producer Black Thorn
Time Saturday 21st of October 2023, 11:00 am–1:00 pm (PDT)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Pain Processing: Learning to Endure and Suffer

with Parker Leigh

Learning to be present through pain.

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Are you looking to increase your pain tolerance? Or maybe you want to learn some new techniques for lasting longer in a kink scene or during rough sex. Did you know that there are different ways to process sensations for the various types of BDSM play?

Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered in this workshop! One of the key components in mastering this, which we will delve into, is discovering how to be more present and in touch with your body. Within this class, you’ll also discover that there’s a variety of items that can help you handle more in a scene and where to purchase them.

Join Parker Leigh, an experienced submissive, who has been enduring various levels of pain for 13 years as well as her Dominant, Miss Mackenzee, who can provide a different perspective and ways a Top can help the bottom on these experiences.

Some other topics to be discussed will include:

• Breathing techniques to help when things get difficult.
• Helping turn pain to pleasure and possibly orgasmic.
• Understanding when is necessary to use a safe word.
• How to use pain to connect with your partner.
• Ways to feel more like a badass.
• How to make yourself a more desirable bottom.

Regardless of gender identity, sexuality, relationship status, experience level, age, or race, all are welcome to join this class.

About Parker

Parker Leigh has been in the BDSM lifestyle for 13 years. She has been a Professional Dominant/switch/submissive for the past 7 years. She has experience with all types of play as a top and bottom as well as different relationship dynamics. She has served a few different Dominants of varying genders but for the past seven years, she has been happily collared by Miss Mackenzee and has been Her demo bottom and taught alongside Her at many events and organizations across the nation including Kink.com, SF Citadel, Wicked Grounds, Voxbody Studios, Adventures in Sexuality, and Black Thorn/Sacred Muse. Hearing a bottom’s perspective and experience is an important aspect of kink and sexual education which she loves providing.

She prides herself on her openness and approachability. Consent is a huge part of her teaching and believes it is one of the key elements to a successful dynamic of any kind. She has mentored numerous submissives and switches over the years. Parker aims to create a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere where people feel they can ask whatever questions they have.

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