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Name Mindfuckery: Messing w/Your Partner for All the Right Reasons
Producer Black Thorn
Time Saturday 8th of April 2023, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm (PDT)
Platform Zoom
Category Education
This event is 18+ only.

Mindfuckery: Messing w/Your Partner for All the Right Reasons

with Sir Ezra Algos

A study in the art of Erotic Mindfuckery!

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Zoom invitations will be sent an hour before class time (Pacific Time).


Join Sir Ezra Algos, author of Mindfucking Mindfully, and Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios for an exploration of Erotic Mindfucking.

Learn to stimulate your partner's brain to have them aroused, excited, terrified, or even dreading an experience before you so much as lay a finger on them!

In this class, we will discuss ways to create strong sensations, mental imagery, and intense emotions with our words alone. We will also explore the benefits and the risks of these activities, and how to navigate them safely in a risk aware context.

Bring your questions and your curiosity to this engaging class. All skill levels are welcome!

A special discount will be offered to attendees for the book Mindfucking Mindfully.

About Ezra

Sir Ezra Algos is a Life and Intimacy Coach at AskEzra.info. They identify as non-binary, polyamorous, omnisexual, and kinky. Ezra has more than 10 years experience as a polyamorous lifestyle Dominant. They are also the Director of Education at Sanctuary LAX Studios and co-founded the Triskelion Scholarship for BDSM education, which is currently in its third award year. Ezra authored Mindfucking Mindfully and they host the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching Podcast. They are the founder of Radical Sexual Acceptance, an approach to building acceptance around sexuality and gender through coaching. Currently they are conducting clinical sexology research on the efficacy of Radical Sexual Acceptance. Ezra’s Coaching practice focuses on empowering people in their personal growth, sexual discovery, self acceptance, and living life to its fullest.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Black Thorn
Oakland, California
Classes and Play Events both virtual and in-person with Covid safety protocols in place.
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