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Name Talk Dirty to Me
Producer Black Thorn
Time Sunday 6th of February 2022, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm (PST)
Location Sacred Muse, Oakland, Lake Merritt Area

Talk Dirty to Me

with Auntie Vice

Learn how to use your voice and your words to seduce your partner with dirty talk!


Sexy banter can help get someone in the mood, to keep a person focused and present during sex, and can help communicate needs in a non-threatening or clinical manner. However, most of us feel a bit awkward or shy when we try to talk sexy to one another!

This class covers different modes of sexy banter like sexting, phone sex, and in-person chatting. We cover how to find the words which work for you and your partner(s); how to get comfortable with those words; and how to avoid cliches. Everyone will get a PDF of worksheets and resources.

This class also includes exercises to help you find your sexy voice and how to help you or a partner overcome shyness when talking about sex. Finally, we talk about how to make getting and confirming consent super sexy and hot!

Participants can expect to explore different ways sexy talk can be used, including:

  • How to communicate desire
  • How to get someone in the mood
  • How to keep focus during a scene
  • Developing your sexy vocabulary
  • Finding the right words at the right time

This class is for everyone who would like to improve their use of sexy language! Don't be shy, bring your questions and curiosity, and have fun!-

About Auntie Vice

Auntie Vice (all pronouns) is a kink writer and educator. She has a BA in psychology and a Ph.D. in Political Psychology. For the past six years she has been working as a freelance writer and educator focused on kink, adult sexuality, gender, and disability. Her work includes two nonfiction kink books (The Big Workbook for submissives, Love Letters to a Unicorn), her blog, a podcast (Fat Chicks on Top), dozens of erotic stories and novels, and storytelling performances.

She approaches kink from the submissive perspective and works to discuss all genders, races, sexual orientations and abilities in relationship to power exchange and kinky play. She is agender, queer, kinky, and disabled.

This event is featuring:
Auntie Vice
Auntie Vice (all pronouns) is an agender, queer writer and educator focused on kink, gender, and disability.
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