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Name Enhance Your Play Through Three Degrees of Touch with Master Hines!
Producer Black Thorn
Time Sunday 21st of November 2021, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (PST)
Platform Zoom

Enhance Your Play Through Three Degrees of Touch with Master Hines!

with Master Hines!

Join Master Hines for a dynamic class on the transformative power of touch in SM relationships!


In S&M, there is a lot of emphasis put on toys and implements but less on physical contact and the importance of touch. While good technique with toys is obviously important, touch also plays a crucial role in creating connection and headspace during a scene.

There are many ways to touch during a scene and each can communicate something different. The question is, what are the techniques and how do we get the most out of the natural human instinct for touch?

In this class, Master Hines will break down touch into three categories of expression: love, power, and sadism. He will discuss different techniques for each and demonstrate how each can be useful in enhancing your scene by making a greater connection with your partner.

This is truly an important and dynamic class that you won’t want to miss!

Master Hines is available for Professional sessions and private instruction at Black Thorn and other venues in the Bay Area.

About Master Hines

BDSM Educator and Professional Dominant. Master Hines formally joined the BDSM community in 1992 in Atlanta Georgia and moved to the bay area in 2003. Core to Master Hines’ BDSM philosophy is spirituality through power exchange. His technique and approach to SM puts heavy emphasis on the spiritual connection between Top and bottom. His play ranges from sensual to sadistic, incorporating many styles, toys and fetishes.

Master Hines has presented demonstrations, classes and private workshops throughout the Southeast since 1997 and in the Bay Area since 2000 when he was first invited to the Bay Area to present for Folsom Street Fair weekend. He is well respected for his flair and artistry with floggers and has given classes on many topics including Flogging, Spirituality and SM, Erotic Knife Play, Rough Body Play, Resistance Play, The SM of Hands, Sensuous Caning and more. Master Hines is also an accomplished artist specializing in contemporary painting. You can visit his web sites at and You can also find more information about Master Hines and read some of his writings on Fetlife at MasterHines.

This event is hosted/produced by:
Black Thorn
Oakland, California
Classes and Play Events both virtual and in-person with Covid safety protocols in place.
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