Black Knot Rope Group

Portland, ME

Black Knot Rope Group is a monthly group meeting run by Koalafied_, ropespaced, and Griffin207. Each month we host a rope-focused event. Sometimes it's just a Rope Jam, and other times we have classes led by experienced and knowledgeable rope instructors, on topics such as aftercare, consent & negotiation, specific ties, body mechanics, and much more. Often there is time after classes to practice, play, or socialize in the space. First and foremost, this is an educational event, but we also ask that you respect the space of anyone who may be playing or having a scene and not attempt to engage with them until their aftercare is done.

We also bring guest educators to teach classes or lead discussions. We pride ourselves on giving our talented community members a platform for sharing what they love with us. There are many sides to rope, it is multifaceted, so come explore and develop your style of rope with us. This group is open to all skill levels. It's a place to learn, grow, practice, and indulge in your rope senses, if you're so inclined.

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